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Beware: Shizuki/Chevi

WHO: Shizuki/Chevi. She apparently already had a beware, but I didn't know of this community back when this started.

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: Full-body color, one character, $60. Here are her current terms and conditions, but I don't know if they have been changed in the interim and I didn't save a copy. What I do remember is that the no-refunds clause wasn't there, but unfortunately I have no proof.

WHEN: Initial note sent on FA on July 18th, 2010, payment made the next day, mutually agreed deadline of early November 2010.

PROOF: Full album. (Screenshots in chronological order, same as below)

EXPLAIN: The full album, in detail. This is almost all of our communication, except for some of my replies acknowledging her notes, and which she usually quoted anyway: Initial contact Paypal was being stupid to me A friend helps me out and pays in my behalf, I pay him back here My friend had talked to her about this. She was okay with this and let me know I could go ahead with the request. e-mail with the commission details. Not blurred because meh, and her e-mail address is public already. She got my email. I assume she was okay with it (the only complicated bit was somewhat large wings for the character, but I made it clear that they weren't necessary) She says deadline won't be met. That's alright, it happens and I understand and hope she gets it all sorted out soon. I responded saying it was fine and to keep me in the loop.

Then I admittedly let it slip for a while, and she didn't respond until I sent her another note on February 2011. I got pushed into her immediate to-do list apparently. In retrospect I should have taken that refund at this point. Got this at the end of March, she said it'd be done during April, offered me a free icon but I didn't care about it. I just replied saying I didn't see the need for changes, though I hadn't seen a sketch yet. July 9th. Again in the immediate to-do list. Promised to contact me on the 20th, or if not, done by early August. July 20th came by and I didn't see anything. Kept waiting. Sent on August 30th, more things had happened, offered free stuff again (that I ignored because I was focused on my actual commission). Sketch real soon she says. At this point it's been over a year since our first contact and payment. Apparently this was sent to all of the people she owed art to. My response is here: The link at the end of her note is this: She acknowledges. Three months later I ask her again. She thought I asked for a deadline of December 15th when I had actually said mid-november. More than a year since the original deadline. She says she mixed up the dates, apologizes about the lack of a sketch (almost a year and a half now), and promises finished art (i.e. not a sketch, and what I assumed would be the final art with no possibility of change) by the 19th. I am an idiot and agree to the finished art instead of pushing for the sketch. As soon as she's on break I'm her top priority. December 21st and I haven't seen anything yet, now she says it'll be done before the end of the month. Mini-update on the 30th, it won't be done by new year, but she says she'll try to get it done before she returns to school on the 9th, and asks if any changes need to be made. My reply, can't ask for changes if I haven't even seen the sketch yet. January 20th, this is when I seriously started considering writing this whole thing, and I think it shows. I made a mistake, corrected She is aware of how long I've been waiting. Says stuff will come out during the weekend. Apparently I misplaced those two files in the interim. Sent the files by e-mail and also uploaded to

And today is the 24th, and I haven't seen anything at all.

TL;DR Commission paid on July 2010, agreed on a deadline of early November 2010, commission kept being pushed back and in almost 18 months she has been unable to produce a single sketch.


Until today, her commission account's gallery has 165 submissions since the date of my original deadline (October 31st, 2010). So yeah I'm a bit miffed.

EDIT: Earlier today (April 4th 2012) I received the finished art from her after a couple of rounds of sketches and corrections, I'll contact a mod shortly to mark this post as resolved.
Tags: artist-shizuki/shizuworks/chevi, resolved

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