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Lost Contact: Raven-Griever

Got in contact with Raven-Griever, her accounts were hacked. Her new FA is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/counterclockwise/


I bought Raven-Griever a few deviantart subs for her friends in exchange for two detailed pictures of my characters.

I've been waiting for quite a while, about 6ish months, but she seemed to be having financial trouble, along with family problems, so I didn't really want to stress her out with asking about my commission.

I messaged her a while back to check on the status of my commission, and went to see if she'd read it today, only to discover that her account had been deactivated D:

My note was still unread.

So, I'm unsure of any other way to get in contact with her, since I don't have an email from paypal or anything x.x
Probably out whatever I spent on the commissions, but I don't really mind too much. I really would just like to make sure she's okay, since she didn't seem to be doing so well...

http://raven-greiver.deviantart.com/ <- link to her old dA page
Tags: artist-calanon/raven-griever, lost contact
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