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Running very late on a few commissions...

This is my first post here so please forgive me if its not as informative or as well written as others.
WHO: Calanon
WHAT: I ordered 3 waist up commissions from Calanon and as of yet have received no progress.
WHEN: This started around mid-July, this note having been completed on July 18th (paypal blurred out for privacy reasons) and from that point we exchanged a few more notes, with the next few notes being more of the same, getting a reply here and there but not often, with my notes being weeks/months apart
PROOF: My paypal receipt as follows (with personal information blurred)
EXPLAIN: As stated in the above comments, I have tried to be patient for months and months now, only sending a note every few weeks or months at times, sometimes I got a reply, sometimes I didnt. It's not that i'm impatient, i've waited longer than this for pictures from friends that involved no money. But having paid for 3 pictures well over 6 months ago and still nothing really bothers me. Not only that but they also posted pictures that other people bought when they originally put up a journal for these commissions
They posted a few pictures such as and shortly after the journal was up then stopped for a while, 2 months later finishing a few more
After finishing more commissions they have all but ceased activity on furaffinity, with some people leaving shouts asking about their own commissions as well as me, since then they have closed their deviantart account - and facebook account - and has not responded to current notes awaiting to be read. Although they have been active on their steam account which tells me they are still around but not paying attention to those of us on FA asking for a status update. All of the above accounts are linked from their FA account under contact information.
I don't know what to do at this point to either try to keep in contact and try to get my commissions or ask for a refund, its been over 90 days so I don't think I can request a paypal refund from the website.

EDIT: She got back in contact with me today and has a new FA account and says she will be doing all the commissions that she has taken the few months ago now. So anyone that ordered a commission from her, her new account is posted on her FA page and is awaiting details from anyone who commissioned her in the past few months.

I appreciate the feedback I got on behalf of this entry and thank you to everyone who helped out with this.
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