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Does Effier-sxy really trying to ignore me... ? [RESOLVED]

I hate to post this... but leave me no choice.

WHO: effier-sxy
WHERE:,, &
WHAT: Full color commission:, with the commission detail I give to her: The translation:
Name: achthenuts @ FA /ACH-theNUTS @DA
Character[s] Name[s]: A.L.K.
Gender[s]: 女性 (Female)
Reference[s] Link[s]: 配色 (Color detail),和服 (kimono),以及 无和服 (& without kimono)。
Info[s] of the Character[s](likes, dislikes and such): 平静,喜欢喝啤酒,不喜欢别人脱掉她的面具(原因是会显示真面目)。 (calm, like to drink alcohol, doesn't like stranger remove her mask (reason is reveal her true form))
Detail[s] you want to include in the drawing (certain decoration, etc):在她的扇子,注意是两只不同的中国神兽(参考在和服的参考)。 (at her paper fan, notice that each fan has different chinese mytical creature (refer at kimono's detail))
Commission type: [4]
Publicize(I will submit it in my gallery with smaller size; so only you will have the original anyways.)
or not(I won't upload it to anywhere except email it to you, but there will be an extra charge of $3): Publicize/公开式
# Of Drawings Total: 1
Price Total:$ 40
WHEN: December 21, 2010
PROOF of the payment (her mom's paypal account) :

EXPLAIN: After a delay in paying the commission, I eventually received a WIP from Effier-Sxy on January 26, 2011 which I approved. In April 2011, I asked for a progress report on the commission (*), to which she replied that she was not done because of her schoolwork and mother, but she's been posting her personal art to various other art accounts: If you can't view, check the date of her last post: while ignoring my commission.

*Note: Translation of email: "Have you done yet? I've been waiting too long"

EDIT: She's really IGNORE my commission, her last activity is at 20th December 2011:

EDIT 2: Is she forgot my commission ? I see her last activity is at 13 January 2012:

EDIT 3: Not only owe me, but other as well, check at her DeviantArt page.

EDIT 4: It turns out that, she's got a bad grade, & her mom's banned her tablet with web surf (WTH ?). However she done the pics, problem is her QQ email DOES NOT SUPPORT any other email (which was, NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW WHAT EMAIL IS THIS), so she use other email, hopefully she can send through it.

EDIT 5: Finally she using gmail to send to me, done the whole things RESOLVED.

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