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Drago Art, Dawn Donald

WHO: "DragoArt" on DeviantART, authoress of Drago Art dot com Dawn Donald

WHERE: and

WHAT: Dawn Donald, famous authoress of the tutorial website, has been revealed to be a tracer. I'm not sure if she has been posted here yet, but i did an hour-long sweep of the community before posting and i didn't see anything.

WHEN: The majority of her tracings of her tutorials happened before 2010

PROOF: Here is a website review:

A journal deleted by the author about her tracings and showing overlays:
A note, written by a "Dren Harrison" who is, in fact, Dawn under an alias as discovered by outside sources:
Dawn being immature in the face of a few members of deviantART accusing her of tracing:
Dawn attacking the artist who posted the journal:

EXPLAIN:  one of my friends one day posted me a link to their argument against her Pointing out that this Dawn Donald, DragoArt @ dA, traces. Later that day she noted NeonDragon about their similar names, which led to the journal posted above. Dawn threatened NeonDragon with a lawsuit, under the reasoning that she was "slandering her name and character", when in fact that Dawn had copied Neon's tutorial style in the first place.
Earlier today, i was visiting the site of PortConMaine to check  the dates for a family member when i saw that she was going to be a guest there. I immediately emailed the staff and i am awaiting their reply. She also does commissions, and i suggest deffo NOT commissioning her, although not all her recent work has been traced, just the majority. She is immature and annoying to communicate with.

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