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Why can't agents pay their artists in a reasonable amount of time?

Xianjaguar suggested I make a post here. I have a question. How many people want to see a particular artis's work at AC FC or Conifur as well as the other furry shows. Well I have sent my work thru Nexxus of Furnation fame to Anthrocon for two years. First year, fine, this year, I haven't been PAID YET. Let's see, AC was in July???!!?? I have asked and asked to have some money, any of MY money sent to me. I told him to take a percentage out for his table needs. Of course I was being too trustful, yet again. This is the 3RD furry person to do this to me. How many times do I have to BEG for my money? This not only hurst me but the fans too. I just won't send my work to AC anymore until I find a TRUSTWORTHY AGENT AND HAVE CONTRACTS UP THE WAZOO WITH THEM so I can Chase them if I have too with a small claims lawyer. I have tried and tried to be nice in the furry community. I was there when it was born, you kids who were little don't remember when it was a time you could trust the other furs. But lately it seems the same old crap crops up for too many artists and customers. Yes this happens but it seems too common in this fandom. We have a couple of prepaid commissions we haven't seen yet either. And if I messed up anyone I would like them to tell me because if I didn't get your piece done I will pay you back or do it. I lost some paperwork in our move.
But anyway, I cannot send work to AC now, I didn't even ask Nexxus to carry for me, he wanted to be an agent to several artists. I had just given up but he came across so professional. What happened? I would NEVER spend someone elses' money for my troubles. I am tired of people taking that money and using it for their problems and MAYBE they will pay you back.I didn't screw up my finances.If I am irrisponsible it is my job to fix my own probles with my own money. $400 seems a bit cheap to lose a friendship over. Maybe now some of the furry clients might understand why artists have to ask for money up front for a commission. At least half anyway. This is crazy. I am not going to FC this year. Guess what? It costs MONEY to fligh or drive there and stay in motels and eat. I am warning the other artist, don't do business with Nexxus AKA James Robertson. He just doesn't pay. Thanks for listening, Monika Livingstone

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