That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in artists_beware,
That Eric Thing

Owed badges; Shivra

WHO: Shivra


WHAT: three derp badges

WHEN: October 9 2011 is when i paid

PROOF: Sadly i deleted my notes and do not have where i stated exactly what i want,  but i do have paypal screenshots here;

EXPLAIN: I paid for one rainbow dash derp, and two derps of my characters (Li-Li and Blue).
These were to be picked up at furfright;

Okay, so I find her table at furfright only to be told that she forgot them and will ship them to me for free after the con.

That's fine, a while later i even see this journal; and thought "awesome, im pretty sure she has my address so i'll get them soon!" but...nope. never got them.

so i sent her some small reminders blah blah, no reply. I see a journal that she moved so...okay? i was fine with that, i moved recently too and understand that things get hectic.

So then i see an entry pop up here about her and contact her straight there. I also see that she doesnt accept notes for commissions now and only does them through email (which i did NOT know because all contact was previously done by FA's note system in the first place) so i sent her an email. a few days later i left a shout on her FA as well.

Now it was possibly a bit rushed and i didnt have patience, but since it seems that they had the time to ship other people's orders I'm just a bit worried as to why she wont ship mine. I know that at least the rainbow dash and Li-Li badges are done so idk.

Edit: She JUST contacted me before the entry was accepted (kinda creepy actually LOL) and says she has to redo them because they are lost. It seems that her main problem is actually shipping them out, so i hope this ends well.

Edit 2: Just got them today, I'd like to mark this as resolved, thanks!

Tags: artist-shivra/yena yarn, beware, resolved

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