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Commissioner: Wyraachur

You know, the funny thing is, I was going to come to A_B for advice on this when this was first going on. I wish I had, because I do feel like some stuff could have been handled differently. v_v

WHO: Wyraachur

WHERE: Wyraachur on FA, Werechu on DA

WHAT: $40 ($35 original price + extra character fees) Summer Commission Package

WHEN: It started around June, but business ended in... August, I believe, but things boiled to a head just tonight.


Original payment on June 15:

Partial refund on Aug 26:

EXPLAIN: Back in June, I started a commission package deal that people pretty much... jumped at. Like, I'm still working on packages now, but that's not the point! Here's the original package deal for the price referencing:

Wyraach asked for a Gold Package, as it says in the Google Doc I linked above. Things were going okay initially, but I didn't know how to take it when he started to ask if I RPed or not. I do RP, but not with any old person, and I wasn't interested in RPing with someone I had just met and had that displayed in bold, pink letters on my FA page. But I felt too nice to refuse and did sort of think that it'd be nice to try to make a friend and play with someone out of my circle.

But when he started to show me porn commissions of his characters, I was immediately turned off. I didn't like that, but I still tried to be nice. I didn't want to seem rude to my customers for whatever reason...

I did work on his pieces as much as I could, but I honestly had a bad taste in my mouth from thinking about when he was showing me those commissions. Like, I didn't understand how you could show someone you barely knew pics like that. I ended up blocking him on AIM, and a few months later, I ended up refunding him. I didn't complete his entire package - just a single flat color image and three icons from it. I honestly was interested in finishing his stuff - TF is something new to me in terms of drawing it and I was interested in trying it out for the first time, but I just wanted to wash my hands of him. I hope that doesn't sound stupid. :(

I emailed him with this before cutting off all business:


Due to recent circumstances that I am not willing to discuss, I'd like to partially refund you. I have finished some things from your package, three icons and a flat color image, which would be $12.50, so you'll receive $27.50 as a refund. I'll send them and the money shortly. My apologies for cutting business short.

I felt the refunding price was reasonable for how much work was done, but I'd also like someone else's opinion on this, please. But I didn't refund him until I got a proper response from him (which I sadly deleted).

So after I refunded him, I blocked him on FA, because I was disinterested in hearing from him again.

Tonight, one of my friends told me that she got a note from him, saying:
In reguards to your journal, I'd be rather skeptical about Vexinglyours - she burned me rather badly on a commission not too long ago - partially refunded me an incorrect amount as the picture she 'claimed' to have finished was only half done.

Incorrect? I felt my refunding price was very fair for how much was done, and if it wasn't, he was allowed to contest that and I would have had no problem with it, and though I don't have his emails anymore, I know for a fact that he didn't argue against it.

I sent him a note saying:

**** told me that you sent a note concerning me. She's a close friend of mine. I've known her for nine years. I don't appreciate this.

Furthermore, the refund I sent you was based on how much was COMPLETED from the package. I know I didn't add the tail shot to the sergal character's reference, but that wasn't included in the package deal anyway and was offered for free, to be generous.

I didn't want to continue the commission because I felt uncomfortable when you were trying to RP with me and show me all of your porn commissions of your characters. It honestly bothered me, but I'm too nice to say no, and I totally admit that I'm sorry for leading you on like that, but I had had enough and thinking about working on your stuff left a bad taste in my mouth. :(

The original payment was $40. And I even ASKED you if the amount I was refunding ($27.50) WAS FAIR. You said 'yes'. And it was fair, but even if it WASN'T I would have given you what you felt was fair. From what was completed - if I remember correctly was three icons and a single flat color.

I will be posting a bulletin about you on Artists Beware, because this is upsetting behavior.
I'm aware that he's allowed to tell others he's had "bad" business with me, but it's the fact that he didn't choose to email me, that he chose to say I "burned" him when I was being very fair. This could have been resolved easily on his part, but I do blame my inability to say no as well.

I also welcome advice on this, because I WANT it. I want to avoid a situation like this again, if possible.
Tags: advice for artists, comm-wyraachur/werechu, resolved

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