Koze (lichdog) wrote in artists_beware,

Convention Business Gone Bad

WHO: 2chaotic

WHERE: IndyFurCon 2011,

WHAT: a custom tail of my personal character

WHEN: It was the Sunday of that con, on August 14th.

PROOF: Business was done in person at the Dealer's room.

EXPLAIN: So I was scouting the dealer's room that Sunday to make some last minute shopping when the artist in question approached me with the pickup line "You need a tail". I figured why not, and began talking to him. We flex the details out and he asks me for the payment of $40. So I run to the ATM, grab the cash and pay him promptly. I ask for contact info and give him mine, since it was definitely going to be homework.

So 10 days later on FA, I send him this note:

I checked my notebox for a few days, nothing. Waited a little more, saw he read it, but hadn't responded to it.

About 2 weeks later I send this:

I could sympathize with what he had to say and told him in return, "Ahh okay! Thanks for lettin' me know! If you could, please shoot me a note when ya get to work on mine, if ya can!". So I went back to playing the waiting game.

Decided to poke him again at the beginning of November:

Same tune, different instrument. He read that final note, but never sent me back anything in regards to my commission specifically.

A few weeks later, he posts this journal (I screencapped it in case he deletes it). At that point I was pretty peeved, Notice how he has other outstanding commissioners also wondering about their commissions.

I held off for a bit before posting this entry, was hoping he'd respond to my comment, maybe even in notes, but nothing came of it. :/ so I shot him a note earlier asking for a refund. Which may have been a jerk move considering it's the holiday season, but I'm really sick of this lack of professionalism. :/

Tags: artist-2chaotic, resolved

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