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Advice needed

Hi guys, I’m looking for some advice on an artist who’s finished artwork but won’t give the artwork to me.

I commissioned an artist for 3 digital images. I paid them $300 on 13th Nov 2010.

Normally I only commission real media as I like to have physical copies of artwork, however I thought the artist digital work was good so I commissioned them. I made sure to check that I would get large, high quality files that I could print out. The artist specified the size though they’ve deleted the journal so I can’t remember the exact measurements but it was 300dpi with size in the 1000’s.

They completed the artworks and uploaded the images on FA. However, they did not email me the large copies of the images. I didn’t take a copy of the FA images as I know the size/quality is so low it’s not worth it and was expecting the large copies.

After two weeks I gave them a quick poke to ask about sending through the large copies. They said they had forgotten and would send them.
But they didn’t and I eventually sent another note. They said they were away and needed to get the art off their external hard drive and to send a reminder if they didn’t send them through in a week as they were very forgetful. Again I didn’t receive them so I sent them a reminder but never got a response.
I left it another month and sent an email, which also wasn’t responded to.

Then they rage quit and deleted their gallery (so it’s a bit of a regret I didn’t take any copies of the artwork from FA). I didn’t do much about it at that point as I had some health problems that were taking priority.

However, the artist has returned saying they want to sort everything out. I asked them again for the artworks on and got another I’m so forgetful, I’ll send them through. The next day I still hadn’t received them so sent a reminder email. I’ve waited the last 3 days to give them a chance to do that and still no response/artwork.

I’m beyond frustrated with this now. It seems that asking politely isn’t working. At this point is it reasonable to send one final email saying if the artwork is given by a set date that I’ll open up a paypal dispute? What would be a good deadline? I would normally think about 5 days but I know it’s a really busy/ stressful time of the year for most people so should that be longer?

I don’t want to kick someone down when they’re getting up and cause they additional stress but I don’t know what the problem is. I had to resend some old artworks to a client the other day and it took me 15 minutes to get it off the external hard-drive, check in them in Photoshop and email them so I don’t know why it’s so difficult for them to email 3 digital files…

I know there have been some instances where people have commissioned physical items and had problems with the artist actually shipping the final items. Has anyone had to take it to paypal and do they have any advice? In the artists defence, they did do the work but the fact they will not actually give me copies of the images means I have received nothing for that $300…

Edit- the artist has now give me the high-rez copies of the images. Thank you everyone for the help!
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