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Lost contact: Kekipi Chaotic, Daz and Dexxy

Not a beware, just a lost contact! 

I was commissioned by all three of these folk at Furfright in October.  Since I'm not sure on the rules regarding posting emails, I've left off the service provider.  If you think you know who these folks are please PM me and I'll give more information.  I have no other information recorded for this person except that he paid $15 for one of my pinata badges w/nameplate. EDIT: Someone gave me what looks to be his FA, trying it now, thank you!

Dexxy with the email who is a rat character.  He works with the rat rescue I foster for, but I'm afraid I don't know how to ask for his information as I'm not sure his real name and I don't think they're authorized to give it to me.


Kekipi Chaotic
whom I have her email correct (it's listed on all her sites), and  goes by that same name on twitter, FA and DA.

When I took the commissions, it was understood to be take-home.  I took down emails, and also gave my email on the back of my card (as well as on most of my receipts.)  They were instructed to email if they hadn't heard from me within 2-3 days after the convention, in case of spam filters, etc.   As I had promised, I sent out an email with a form to fill out.  I already have payment, all I want is a character description, confirmation on the sketch stage, and a mailing address for the final.  None of my emails bounced.

Here is my first email (with the type of badge changed per client), just so you know I'm not scaring off my customers XD

"Hello, I am contacting you because at Furfright you ordered a full marker badge from me.  To complete this commission I will need a reference or a through description of the character.  I will then email you a sketch and after that is approved will color and finish the badge.  You can see your place in line on my queue at:

A picture reference would be awesome but unless the following is written on the description please fill this out lest my monitor colors steer me wrong:

Name on badge:
Basic Description:
Nose color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Claw color:
Pawpads?  if yes, then what color:
Feral or anthro?:
IF it is not on your reference, please link a picture to a similar hair style:
Clothes, if any? (cosplay, period, lingerie are perfectly acceptable and feel free to send reference pics):
General personality? (shy, silly, aggressive, happy, sexy, etc.):



and my second notice:

"Hello, I'm sending a second email because I'm not sure if you got my first, you're a little ways down the list but I'd like to try to sketch all of the badges in my queue out so that I have a better idea for time-management. Below is my original email, if you could fill out your information and get back to me that will be great.  Otherwise I'll have to find other means of contact."

I have sent several notices to each person, and tried to contact through other means. I was able to get a hold of Kekipi Chaotic via Twitter, but then she ceased to respond to my messages. The message I got from her Nov 3rd: "Aaah, sorry!! Was without power and email on my phone doesn't work well, I'll get it to you asap today!! sorry again :C" It was right after that major storm in the east (I'm also in New England) so I thought nothing of it, but even after several reminders, no response. I have her FA and DA names, and since tried all of them without luck.

I'd really like to get these done!  These are already paid for, all I need is the information and refs on the characters to finish.  I'd prefer people give me the info I need to contact them myself than to send them my way. I'm really at a loss why this happened with three people--I can only guess that in the chaos of the storm after Furfright things got forgotten.
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