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Lost Contact: Zak Wolf Shepherd //Jordan

WHO: Zak Wolf Shepherd (furry name)/// Jordan P. (I have forgotten his last name but I am almost certain it begins with a p.)

zakwolf18 on Skype.

WHERE: They are not a business, but, a customer. They reside in Minnesota if that suffices.

WHAT: It was a transaction for a fursuit partial.

WHEN: (Edit)A rough time line of the situation from initial conversation was around July-August to November.)

PROOF: Most of our conversations were held through facebook, if not over Skype, even then they were audio chats. The earliest facebook private messages I can pull up don't show the initial agreement, though. :/

EDIT: I found the letter he had sent me initially! It has his college address, real name and general info. I will send him a letter tomorrow and see what he says, if anything. ^^ I'll keep you all posted regardless, so this entry can be marked resolved - or not. 


EXPLAIN: It was around late Summer (unsure of exact date) when he approached me through facebook showing interest in a partial. That is where the transaction began. As the weeks went by, we discussed info, he even sent the initial downpayment from his college campus through snail mail. I had asked for an email, but, he said he didn't have one which was NOT for school purposes, so I let the subject go for a little bit and instead got his skype.

As I logged on facebook at night, he would im me through fb, greeting me or generally trying to initiate a conversation. Most of the time I entertained his chattiness and kept polite, friendly conversation. But, about five or six days into the transaction, (Going back a bit in time, before weeks have passed.) he started pretty much suddenly hinted that he was "interested" in me. I played dumb initially because I felt awkward and really didn't know what to say in that sort of situation/wanted to avoid having to answer such a question.

A while later, as I logged on next, he messaged me again, started a casual conversation, then flat out asked me. I told him I was not interested and was already in a relationship. That seemed to fend off that behavior for quite a while.

As time went by, we discussed suits, his air soft gun hobby, it was a routine almost. I would log on in the late evening or night and he would start a conversation, either through Fb chat or Skype. Sometimes they were one sided video chats. I don't own a webcam, he does. He would always jokingly insist I get a webcam. I could tel he was being serious but I would always dance around the question or joke right back at him instead of an answer. That was my second mistake; not ending the commission there, even as his behavior became increasingly strange and slightly creepy.

Then, the suicidal talk started. It worried me. I always tried to talk him out of doing or thinking of such things. Sometimes when he spoke like this, he'd ask for an audio chat over skype. I sometimes gave in in an attempt to help him. ..I have a really strong maternal instinct, I suppose. I couldn't just log off and leave someone, whether it's a customer or not, thinking about such thoughts.

Is an example of such chats. This also happened to be the last conversation I held with him. The last message I sent was days later, asking for an email address..again. I figured it was worth a shot once more. Besides I wanted a more stable communication system.

Rewind a while prior to this last chat;

For the second time, over skype one evening, he messaged me, asking that if I ever break up with my current partner, if I could go out with him then. This was the SECOND time he asked something of this nature. The first time I was willing to let slide. But the second time, I kind of got more stern.

This is the fursuit lj entry I made related to the issue:

The chat in question, or, at least, a portion of it:

3:05:23 PM] (His name, censored): hey (my name), if you ever break up with your current peoson you are in a relationship in, you want to get together?
[4:04:06 PM] Frost foot: I'm sorry, (his name), but, our relationship is only ever going to be a business one, friendly at most.
[4:04:18 PM] (his name): Alright

then a few minutes later, I sent him this:

"[4:45:41 PM] Frost foot: Hey (his name) I have a favour to ask you. I hope you don't get too offended, but, your behviour is REALLY starting to get me uncomfortable. I do my best to maintain friendly and casual relationships with the people I do business with, but, this is whereI draw the line. You've made not one but two advances on me, even when you know I am in a relationship and know that this is a business transaction. I don't think I can do this. So, I am offering you twoo choices: You can get a full refund of what you've already paid. And 2.) You can keep the transaction going, however, I will be communicating with you only through email and removing you from my personal facebook and Im accounts. PLEASE don't take this as me yelling or getting mad at you, if just that I am thinking that you are starting to lose sight of what this relationship reallly is and is meant to be: businnes and professional only."

From there, we pretty much made an agreement to cancel the commission and refund him the full deposit he had paid (the only money put down on the project so far, i50 usd.)

But then, a while later, I contacted him, feeling bad about kind of dropping his commission like such. Plus I liked his character's design and was very interested in making it still. So, we agreed to continue. (Mistake, again. I should have left it at dropped and refunded him then.)

Again, this was the last chat I had with him:

I asked him for his email. A week later, after receiving no response, I checked his was filled with his fb friends making comments like "please come back" and " I'm worried about you , I need you." (Not direct quotes, but, very close.) His apparent friend, unsure if he was a real life friend or not, chimed in on the page too, saying that Zak was busy with school work and still alive. Unfortunately I did not screencap the wall. :/ Didn't think to at that moment.

I checked back a day or two later, and, the account was deactivated. His skype was also apparently deleted as well. (Although I still have his skype username.)

I have NO idea what has transpired to make him "leave", and, at this point, I have absolutely no interest in pursuing the commission or any form of relationship. I just want to give him his refund. :/

If anyone knows him, either by his furry or real name, or knows how to contact him, PLEASE tell me, as I am just desperate to touch base with him and exchange info so I can do a refund.

Sorry for going so indepth about the whole thing, but, I figured it would be best to give you guys the full story, at least, from my point of view.

Thank you!

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