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Report: Gideon.

WHO: Gideon, AKA Gideon Hoss.


WHAT: I had messaged and paid for a simple digital piece of a character of mine, sitting back to viewer, looking behind all cute like.
The art had been paid for via paypal already.

WHEN: The order was sent and paid for on august 8th of 2010. I messaged him on July 9th about the comissions, and he assured me it was due to con scheduling and the various online projects he was working on. After multiple contacts and it being almost two years later without a sketch or a word, I'm beyond fed up.

PROOF: Paypal transaction, with personal info and transaction ID blacked:

message-by-message account of the request:

Conversatons with since, including re-submitting request via email and paypal transaction:

EXPLAIN: I have attempted to contact Gideon multiple times via Furaffinity, and via the various IM clients he has given me (which he has not been on since giving said screennames to me). I have not had any contact with him since, no sketch, no progress, nothing. I just want the art I paid for, please. I'm dissapointed that it came to this, and took two dang years.

UPDATE: As of 12.27.11, I have attempted to contact Gideon on FA, as per his request here. This report was the last contact between him and I. Come on, really? Mood updated from annoyed to PO'd.

Tags: artist-gideon/gideon hoss, beware, lost contact

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