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Official Online Payment Source Thread!

Many of the members of the community, moderators included, have been expressing frustration at PayPal for a long time. If you haven't heard about their latest PR/TOS snafu, check here for the "resolution" PayPal gave:

Since there are so many online payment options out there, we are asking the members to help us organize them all into one easy to read post. Please use the following form to make an entry, and only one service per comment, please!:

1. Name of Service:
2. URL:
3. Countries Supported:
5. Payments Accepted from Customers:
6. Method of Payment to Account Holder:
7. Ease of Setup:
8. Pros:
9. Cons:
10. Associated Fees:

Please check the comments before you commentate on a specific payment option website. It may have already been covered! So instead of repeat entries for one specific site or service, please simply add on to the comment chain with your own information, experiences with the service and any questions you may have regarding it.

This is to keep the post tidy and easy to reference for all of the options at our disposal.
Tags: !mod post, advice for artists, advice for commissioners, discussion, payment sites
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