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Rafflone - Tracing/Heavy Reffing

WHO: Rafflone, Soomiko on Second Life (Found on her FA)


WHAT: Multiple tracings and/or heavy reffing from both Second Life avatars and Poser with no credit given or admission.

PROOF: Litany of screenshots to follow. I apologize for the number, but with tracing posts, I want to make sure I am well documented.

Many of the following are NSFW and I will try to label them as such.

The first overlays I saw:
These are older artworks that I could no longer find on her page.

My own overlays/comparisons: - Dragon from Shrek (The customer's dragon IS a Shrek style dragon, but that face matches up MUCH too closely.) (alt view) - Doberman by Chimera/Avenity/Orange04 - Sergal by Kinzart Kreetures/Sylver Bu/Species by Mick39 on FA - Avatar by DSD Designs/Oken. (The customers character is the standard ram avatar with those peircings, so this is anecdotal evidence) - Giant collage of horses, all based on the Avenity/Chimera/Orange04 model. The bottom two were for two separate commissions done at different times, left is female, right is male. - NSFW - Many of her breasts are traced using the small nippled model from DERP. I don't own these, so I wasn't able to get a good side by side. - Anectodal evidence, I believe this comes from the Curious Moufette, but I don't own the avatar and couldn't do a good side by side.

Probably traced/heavily reffed from Poser (side by sides not mine):
NSFW - - The change in style and facial structure were the huge giveaways here. (hosted here in case of deletion: - NSFW

EXPLAIN: As a customer of many avatar builders on Second Life, I was acutely aware that something was "off" with Rafflone's art. Once I saw an overlay, however, I was stunned. This was several months ago and I wanted to see if any of her customers or friends would come forward, or if her style would change at all. Unfortunately, I'm still seeing more of the same. I mean no ill will towards the artist, but this crutch will do nothing but hinder them in the long run and is taking a lot of creative license from the avatar creators.

EDIT 1 - rehosted two images
Tags: artist-rafflone, beware, tracing

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