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ToS feedback, please?

First of all, I would really like to thank the community members who helped me a couple of months ago with my difficult problems. I couldn't be more thankful to everyone :)

A month or two back, I was so depressed because of the more current incident, but because there have been some nice people recently who have been very encouraging and one kind person even asked for my commission info, I would like to ask for some advice on how to improve my ToS? I really don't want to go through such a horrible experience again, and I would really like to stay friendly with commissioners while maintaining a professional composure and environment.

I  apologize for the double edits :( I based my ToS on poizenkat's because she was kind enough to link it to me as a reference ^ ^ I plan on adding updated samples and everything, too, but another problem I have is with the pricing. Currently, I might only have time to do either headshots or waist-ups (but I only got to finish a waist-up sample today).
I don't know if this question belongs here or not, but I would like to know how much something like this would be worth..? When I first started doing commissions last year, this was only worth $8. It might be worth less now...? But if it is worth the same amount of money, I'm afraid of using the same price amount as my friend, who is doing really nice male waist-up sketch commissions. It takes me about 4-6 hours to finish something like this, so I'm unsure of how to price it and I don't want to compete with my friend :(

I really want to do a holiday discounted commission for this type of CG, too, but I'm very unsure as to whether anyone will commission me for it if the price is unfair.
Advice on how to spot a bad commissioner?
I am also having quite a lot of trouble with this new watcher who claims that he wants to commission me but every time I mention specific details about the commission, he replies with a short, incorrectly-written note full of grammatical errors. When I asked him if he had ever commissioned anyone, he said he did but I see no sign of any commission in his favorites and it looks like he's just waiting for me to hand him a draft without any intention to actually pay when I actually start on the lineart. He also avoids all of the legal transaction info and never specifies exactly what type of commission he wants, even after a price quote. This person is also testing my patience each time he notes me because sends me 2-3 notes every 2-3 hours (checked my inbox) even after I have told him I am not on dA 8+ hours a day due to life (he still remains very impatient even though I am already working on an older commissioner's artwork). When asked about anything regarding the commission and actual transaction, he takes much longer to reply (it takes him on average 30 secs to 1 minute to reply) and completely avoids it while continuing to type about his image ideas.

Are there any full-proof indications for a bad commissioner? (If I can even call him that, because many people have tried doing this to me in the past and I can't come up with a word to describe them)
I apologize for all the trouble, everyone. 

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