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Beware: West

WHO: West, Westfalen.

WHAT: A chemisty / Periodic Table icon.

WHEN: November 22, 2011 - November 26, 2011

PROOF: Paypal receipt (with West's real name hidden) - http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/269/reklawiconproofreceipt.png

EXPLAIN: This really is nothing major, and in the end I'm just posting it as a warning to the community. On November 22 I commissioned West to do one of the Periodic Table icons he was advertising so heavily in places like FA and Teenycom.

Communication went alright, and then suddenly last night (November 26) I'm noted about some chat logs that showed up on a public livestream while West was working on my icon. I'm putting it behind a cut because long chat log is long and has lots of crude and pretty offensive language. The bolded parts are done by me to highlight the more important bits.

9:57 PM: westfalen: because, for fucking fuck's sake, I've already done like, two of these, and this is fuckface number three to have the same goddamn character design
9:57 PM: westfalen: because it's soooo original
9:57 PM: westfalen: jesus fucking cockfucking christ
9:58 PM: westfalen: if this keeps up I am seriously just going to lay down line white lines of mockitude until these fucker snort them up and love it
9:58 PM: Defenbaugh: Wassup
9:58 PM: Defenbaugh: Besides wolf rascism :)
9:58 PM: Defenbaugh: err speciesism
9:58 PM: westfalen: I feel sorry for the mothers of these pathetic man-children for the shame they must feel for having borne these sad space-wasting wastes of space into the world
9:59 PM: westfalen: fuck you, generic grey fox with long black generic hair
9:59 PM: westfalen: fuckkkkkk
9:59 PM: westfalen: youuuuu
9:59 PM: RedApeGuy: Yikes!: lol
9:59 PM: westfalen: *pants*
9:59 PM: LinkinArt: haha
9:59 PM: westfalen: sorry. I go into rages sometimes.
9:59 PM: Defenbaugh: Must be a guy thing? :)
9:59 PM: westfalen: hi, Linkin! welcome to the stream!
10:00 PM: LinkinArt: thanks :)
10:00 PM: bostitch: livestream needs a screencap option: :P
10:00 PM: westfalen: it's people like this that are slowly making me hate the fandom
10:00 PM: Defenbaugh: Which?
10:00 PM: westfalen: this grey fox black-haired boring fucker right here
10:00 PM: RedApeGuy: People who's characters all look like copies of each other
10:00 PM: Defenbaugh: snicker
10:00 PM: LinkinArt: Hair on furries gets annoying
10:00 PM: westfalen: hate them so much
10:01 PM: Kardi: I like hair, when done well. :)
10:01 PM: westfalen: hate
10:01 PM: Defenbaugh: Well Im a blakc wolf.. no hair..
10:01 PM: bostitch: But they are all beautiful and unique snowflakes!
10:01 PM: bostitch: Bwahahaha
10:01 PM: Defenbaugh: ..>
10:01 PM: Defenbaugh: >.> -cries-
10:01 PM: westfalen: it's like, jesus christ, assfucker, I bet you wear a fursuit and then dress up like Sephiroth when you go to cons, you fatfaced ugly bogfuck
10:01 PM: Kardi: But I do say... there we go. XD Then again, there's a whoole lotta blond haired blue eyed people. :)
10:01 PM: Defenbaugh: West has Rabies...
10:02 PM: Kardi: West is in the gee-my-cold-medicine is trumping me tonight mood. ;)
10:02 PM: RedApeGuy: When I was thinking of my character, I thought, I can make a character that looks like me or one that takes elements of animals I like
10:02 PM: Defenbaugh: -gets the rifle-
10:02 PM: RedApeGuy: The thing about an animal that looks like me is that it would have to be a skinny red fox.: And there are like 1929209812903 of those
10:02 PM: Defenbaugh: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
10:02 PM: Kardi: *sniff* It's okay, pa,. I'll do it, he's my dog...
10:02 PM: Defenbaugh: -dies laughing-
10:03 PM: LinkinArt: haha
10:03 PM: RedApeGuy: Oh my god, I just looked up at the screen
10:03 PM: RedApeGuy: hahahahaha
10:03 PM: RedApeGuy: I was wondering why everyone was dying
10:03 PM: westfalen: *pants*
10:03 PM: Defenbaugh: -gives West some oxygen-
10:03 PM: Kardi: *eyes it* Sadly, I don't think THAT icon is allowed on FA.
10:03 PM: LinkinArt: I'm choking here dammit
10:03 PM: westfalen: sorry. Kinda losing my shit here tonite.
10:03 PM: Defenbaugh: Used to be
10:04 PM: westfalen: actually, you know what
10:04 PM: westfalen: watch me pull the dickest move imaginable
.10:05 PM: Defenbaugh: LOl did you just copy paste one of the other wolves?
10:06 PM: Defenbaugh: You are heartless
10:06 PM: bostitch: man that was awesome :D
10:06 PM: Defenbaugh: Someone will notice
10:06 PM: Defenbaugh: and SAY OMG TRACER!
10:06 PM: Kardi: I notice... I think West is just being a smartass tonight. ;)
10:06 PM: Defenbaugh: Apparently
10:06 PM: westfalen: I totally did that
10:06 PM: LinkinArt: Haha tracer of his own work
10:06 PM: westfalen: traced my own work, yep
10:06 PM: Defenbaugh: I endorse smartassedness
10:07 PM: RedApeGuy: Hahah, I wonder if anyone'll notice
10:07 PM: Defenbaugh: I wonder if I could get West to draw boobs in this mood
10:07 PM: westfalen: unimaginative shitfucking cockschlepping assmongering slapcunt
10:10 PM: RedApeGuy: Hopefully no more grey colored black haired wolves.
10:11 PM: Defenbaugh: How about black greyhaired colored wolves?
10:11 PM: RedApeGuy: What.... I... don't get it.
10:11 PM: Defenbaugh: Blakc wolves, with greyheadhair :p
10:12 PM: westfalen: let's rant shamelessly about BLACK WOLVES
10:12 PM: Defenbaugh: NOOOOO
10:12 PM: westfalen: BEING BLACK ALL THE TIME
10:12 PM: westfalen: AND WOLFY
10:12 PM: Defenbaugh: -represents-
10:13 PM: LinkinArt: Is that racist against black wolves?
10:13 PM: westfalen: totally speciesist
10:13 PM: Defenbaugh: I got a little white wolf in me, and its squirming.
10:13 PM: Defenbaugh: -drum hits-
10:13 PM: RedApeGuy: =P
10:13 PM: westfalen: I think there's a cream for that, Deef.
10:13 PM: Defenbaugh: :)
10:14 PM: Defenbaugh: "I coul dbe more crass but Im scared of West
10:15 PM: westfalen: hahahha
10:15 PM: Grafsburg: Oh wow.
10:15 PM: westfalen: where the hell is Enydimon
10:15 PM: westfalen: I need to thank him profusely
10:15 PM: westfalen: for not shoving his character's bare junk in my face the second I click that link
10:16 PM: Defenbaugh: lul
10:16 PM: bostitch: Is that a maple leaf?
10:16 PM: westfalen: screw that, I'm going to email him and thank him profusely
10:16 PM: westfalen: that's totally a maple leaf
10:16 PM: Defenbaugh: Treasure trail
10:16 PM: Grafsburg: I actually kind of thought you were a decent artist West. But really? Re-using old art for something someone paid for?
10:16 PM: Grafsburg: That's pretty cold.
10:17 PM: westfalen: Grafs, you're a nice kid, but I know where you live
10:17 PM: Defenbaugh: lol
10:17 PM: Grafsburg: Yeah yeah yeah.
10:17 PM: Grafsburg: Whatever.
10:17 PM: Grafsburg: Hope you don't mind them finding out about this by the way.
10:18 PM: westfalen: go nuts, kid. I hope being a shameless tattle tale makes you feel better about yourself.
Some timestamps are missing because these are bits and pieces of others' chatlogs.
10:18 PM: Earwig: haha what the fuck tacky shit am I hearing
10:18 PM: Grafsburg: Shameless?
10:18 PM: westfalen: what the, holy shit. ANOTHER GREY WOLF WITH BLACK HAIR
10:19 PM: Defenbaugh: -pats West- :/
10:19 PM: Defenbaugh: With a gotee
10:19 PM: westfalen: who the fuck do I have to stab to make the hurting stop
Earwig: Cil try to have some tact, it's not charming. Some people have doofy characters but you're going to hurt your reputation by being snotty/insulting
westfalen: whoa, Sare! where'd you come from?
Earwig: Internet
westfalen: arite. So, whaddya want me to do, Sare?
10:19 PM: Earwig: S'fine to bitch but keeping it in IM etc is best.
10:20 PM: westfalen: s'what I'm doing
10:20 PM: Earwig: Ranting is something we all gotta do, but this is in a public stream where your customers/fans see it
10:21 PM: westfalen: oh right, difference between public stream and IM, gotcha
10:21 PM: Earwig: They're giving you money so returning a level of respect back to them is the right thing to do
10:21 PM: westfalen: fine, fine. I'll return his five dollars.
10:21 PM: Earwig: Sometimes it's hard as hell, but on something like a basic aesthetic choice it's crappy
10:21 PM: Earwig: I'd ask him first, since I'm not the customer
10:21 PM: Earwig: It's just personal opinion
10:22 PM: westfalen: I hope one day I meet this guy in person
10:22 PM: Earwig: Who?
10:22 PM: westfalen: so I can tell him personally how I feel
10:22 PM: westfalen: EXACTLY
10:22 PM: Earwig: Are you talking about the customer you're working for?
10:22 PM: Defenbaugh: I think West is givign them the money back.
10:22 PM: Earwig: But who is she giving money back to? Because the customer's not complaining so far as I know, so he doesn't want a refund I'd assume
10:23 PM: westfalen: so wait, what
10:23 PM: Earwig: I'm just giving my 2 cents re: business tact
10:23 PM: westfalen: are you friggin serious
10:23 PM: westfalen: you come in here just to lecture me?
10:23 PM: Defenbaugh: -whistles and wanders that a way- Its uncomfortable i here.
10:23 PM: Earwig: I sure did
10:23 PM: westfalen: I'll tolerate lecturing from my manager because I pay her, but srsly Sare, aren't you being hella presumptuous?
10:24 PM: westfalen: jesus! After I did you goddamn favour!
10:24 PM: Earwig: What favour?
10:24 PM: Earwig: The donation for the kitten?
10:24 PM: Earwig: That was amazingly kind of you
10:24 PM: westfalen: you'll stick up from stranger mcstrangeface and not for me?
10:24 PM: Kardi: Then here, have my lecture here in channel. :/ You need to put it down tonight.
10:24 PM: Earwig: This is a different situation
10:24 PM: Kardi: I never EVER lecture you in public.. EVER.
10:24 PM: westfalen: christ in a hammock!
10:24 PM: Kardi: Sigh...
10:25 PM: Earwig: presumption is when I don't know information and I just assume shit, which yeah I never do. But I saw how you're acting and it's definitely not presumptuous to say you're being rude and tactless.
10:25 PM: Earwig: And like I said I totally understand the ranting thing, I do it too
10:25 PM: Earwig: But I do it in private and I try to be fair
10:25 PM: Earwig: If these people were being shitheads to you I could understand it but it's not their fault they have similar designs back to back
10:25 PM: Kardi: You are so hopped up on cold meds you're snarly and grumpy and just in a mood and a quarter. :/
10:26 PM: westfalen: actually no, I'm not on cold meds right now
10:26 PM: westfalen: clear as a goddamn bell
10:26 PM: Earwig: Insulting them because of a very simple aesthetic choice in a place they can see it is just really... I dunno. I'm honestly surprised
10:26 PM: Kardi: ... well, then, you're in a mood and quarter. And also, I hope the kitten's doing okay. :)
10:26 PM: westfalen: hahaha oh my god I can't believe I'm hearing this
10:26 PM: Earwig: Yep, kitten is in a really nice place now and taken care of well
10:26 PM: Kardi: Cool. <3 That makes me happy. :)
10:27 PM: Earwig: I dunno why you're talking like this in a public place. It's your own noose you're tying, that's fine. I can't tell you how to run your business or how to portray yourself online
10:27 PM: westfalen: look, you two girls have fun talking kittens, ok, I'm sure you both have great cat stories to exchange
10:27 PM: Earwig: Are you drunk?
10:27 PM: Earwig: Like is this how you normally act? I'm just trying to be chill and explain what the hell you sound like
10:27 PM: westfalen: I apologize for all present for having to put up with this bullshit, I'm outtski, kids. Peace on earth.

So basically: West is tired of getting nothing but grey foxes with black hair to do icons of, and expresses this by making personal attacks against me and throwing personal insults at me as a person over a simple character design, in a public chat where absolutely anyone could see it. He even goes so far as to copy and paste another commissioner's icon to make minor edits to for mine with the intention of passing it off as fully-custom work like all of his other icons and just getting my character out of the way.

My icon, next to the icon West copied from: http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/4103/reklawiconprooficons.jpg

He took the icon he made for Escafanatic421, copied and pasted it, and made really minor edits to the character: Eyebrows, muzzle marking, and the clothing's removed. He also moved "my" character further out of the frame to try to make it either less obvious, or so he could do less work on it, or both. I'm not impressed.
When he gets called out for doing it so publicly, he proceeds to throw a fit and then leaves the channel.

To be fair, I did receive the full refund as shown in the receipt I linked- The message that came with it was a simple "I don't think I can do your character right now, sorry!" I haven't received any sort of apology from West for his behavior, but I think it's because he thinks I don't know what was said about me in the livestream.

While the personal attacks and this sort of behavior don't bother me too much, I'm posting this for anybody who may be considering commissioning West to beware of personal attacks and less than professional behavior if your characters happen to go against their idea of 'imaginative' character design.

--Edited the post to fix spacing, it was showing up as a weird block of text for me. Hopefully that's better!

Update: 11/28/2011

After just happening to run into West on livestream, I have severe doubts that this will ever be resolved.

No copy-pasting to be had. I recorded every snide remark with Fraps. http://youtu.be/SVtAx9Hdz2w

nd Kathy had no idea this was going on, so leave her alone. Please.

Tags: artist-west/westfalen, beware, resolved

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