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Report on Anuvia

WHO: Anuvia

WHERE: Califur 2011,

WHAT: I commissioned Anuvia for a badge at Califur on around June 4th, 2011. I was told it would be done before the convention ended.

I commissioned a badge from Anuvia at Califur 2011 (I
even gave her a tip), being told it would be completed before the end
of the convention. It wasn't finished in time, but no big deal she was
going to just mail it to me. A month later I was told it was finished
and just needed to be mailed out. Now 6 months later I'm still waiting,
after trying at least 6 times to contact Anuvia through email alone.
This doesn't even count FA notes and shouts which she told me she
doesn't check. It's worth pointing out that it was only my comments that
she didn't check on FA since it only took our mutual friend a day to
get a reply from her in a note and I see her replying to comments other
people leave frequently. All this time she has been activly posting
other new art in her FA gallery.

All I can say at this point is
if she is indeed telling the truth and my badge really is finished, just
waiting for months and months to be scanned and mailed out, then I'm
utterly stupified. Anuvia could fix this whole issue by walking to a
mailbox but she has instead dragged it out for half a year and has
offered nothing in return for my money. I've tried time and again to
contact her with no success so now I'm posting here to warn others.


June 4th or 5th: Paid Anuvia in full for a badge and provided a $10 tip.

June 28th: First email was sent but the email Anuvia provided on her FA page didn't work. Attempts to contact her through FA notes and shouts were all ignored.

June 29th: Second email sent to another address I got for her. No response.

July 9th: Third email sent, still no reply.

July 10th: More than a month after I had already given her money I finally got an email reply for the first time from Anuvia. She told me the badge was finished and just needed to be scanned for my approval.

July 22nd: 12 days later there's been no sign of the scan of my already finished, already paid for badge. Fourth email sent, no response.

August 3rd: At this point Anuvia has been active on FA daily, posting new art and replying to other peoples comments and shouts. All of my comments of course are not acknowledged at all. Fifth email sent without a reply.

August 23rd: A mutual friend of ours offered to bring my commission up to Anuvia and see what the deal was. She replied to him within a day saying she would contact me, which she did not do.

September 2nd: Fifth email sent to Anuvia, I haven't heard from her personally since July 10th. No reply to this email either.

At this point I gave up trying to contact her because she kept posting on FA about money trouble and having to work at her family store and having no free time. This is still completely unacceptable, but wasn't worth the headache. When there was no lul in her posting new art on FA, however, it was too much for me to take and I sent her email number six.

November 9th: Email six was sent, also without receiving any response. This was my last attempt at contacting Anuvia before posting here.


Email proof1:

Email proof 2:

Email proof 3:

Email proof 4:

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