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Brian Wear....

Alrighty, it's been over a month, and I was even more patient with Brian Wear, and he's yet to return any notes/e-mails to him about the refund of my paid commission, so, I'm left with no other choice then to warn other possible customers that might want to commission him, he won't do your picture, he won't respond to you, and he WON'T give you a refund, he'll take your money and ignore you, and any complaints or anything you say, keep this in mind before approaching him about a commission, if you even decide to try.

I commissioned him back in March, of 2004, and finally got sick of it, and just asked for my money back, he said he'd get to it, then....a month later, nothing has been sent, I haven't been notified, or made aware of anything on his behalf.

When I commissioned him, he was eager to draw, and over the year and a half, he cranked out several pictures, and when I asked about mine, he said he was in a art slump/was moving/was changing jobs or some other excuse which he always had a new one everytime I asked....

Be wary of Brian Wear (Wolfgangcake) He'll rip you off and because he has such a good name amongst most other furs, he thinks he can get away with it.

Here's his DA page, so you can warn others, if you wish to do so -

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