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Artist: YuUrI : Waited About 27 Months, Requested Refund, Lies & Libel

Hey everyone, I’m new to this little knick of the woods on LJ but after being referenced by some friends I figured I should give this a shot.




Digital art piece for a Halloween special she offered in 2009.

Payment was sent September 28, 2009
(botched artist’s real name)

Earlier this year, on March 22nd, 2011 I asked for an update:
(I don’t recall having a reply)

It is very hard to keep track of things with Yuuri. She periodically tears down her gallery/scraps each year. Up until this summer I watched her on FA to keep an eye out for my commission.
From when she was paid, until I asked for my refund, the only artwork she uploaded were various other “inky” commissions, adoptables, and some full colors in between.

She never finished my commission so on June 26th, 2011 I requested a refund:

(The link in that note does not work, it was the previous link, except with her real name unblotched.)

Edit Insert:
She did reply to my request for a refund here:

This is where it gets a little complicated. Today (Nov 21, 2011) I was going to attempt to contact her again but discovered she had blocked me from sending her notes.
To me, this looked like she was trying to get rid of a ‘problem’ without resolving it. However I wanted to still see if she had some reasoning behind this. So asked for some assistance from a friend to message her on my behalf.
I have blotched out her name because she wants to remain anonymous for the time being. If she needs to reveal her name, then she is ok with that.

Friend to Yuuri #1:

Yuuri Reply #1:

This is where her lies start coming in. She claims that I attacked her in my note asking for a refund. I admit that my note was quite snippy though.

Friend to Yuuri #2:

My friend’s note to Yuuri here is after I shared my own note caps with her as well.
This is relevant to the next note Yuuri sends.

Yuuri Reply #2:

This is where she is really starting to lie. I never swore at her, and in my opinion I don’t think I was that aggressive. I was unhappy, and I believe I was being quite polite. Apparently she disagrees.

Two new notes have been added. At the first reply wasn't very relevant up until Yuuri responded to my friend in an additional note.

Friend to Yuuri #3:

Yuuri Reply #3:

I don't see how my friend was being rude to Yuuri honestly, she was just acting as a liaison for me. However, Yuuri has gone from saying that I swore at her in my note to her to 'that's just how I took it and how I felt'.
This is very different from what she initially was saying.

That is all I have. If I have forgotten anything or if there are questions let me know.

Update: Yuuri has unblocked me and requested my paypal information. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon.

Update: Yuuri has issued the refund. Please mark this as resolved.
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