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When Requests go to far +Advice Please+ UPDATED.

Edit: Due to demand, I have publicly posted the name at the bottom of the entry, under the cut.

Recently I have run into one of my past Requesters accusing me of being a horrible and shameful artist due to never posting a higher quality version of a piece of work I did for him as a free request. Now I am seeking advice on this.

To explain more so:

- I do requests as breaks from commissions, and take on a 2-3 at a time in particular art styles; all are at the same quality as my current flat colour artwork. I have a small card size book that I tend to draw said requests in to keep them all in one place.
- I did not have a scanner at the time, so used my 8MP camera to take the best photos that I could, taking 2 of this particular request.
- I did these mini-requests within 3 days of accepting, and tagged each user via Facebook (all were active and replied each time).

A month or so later, this requester asked me to scan the piece for higher quality. Unfortunately I was hunting for a job and stressed on finding housing as well as finishing current commissions, I replied saying I would as soon as possible, or I could run it through Photoshop  Unfortunately I had forgotten and it slipped my mind completely.

A week or two later after his initial question, my commission account on Facebook (Akemi 'kemkem' Inukami) had been deleted due to a hacking incident. I then moved over to my normal Facebook account, adding as many people as I remember, including said requester and apologising for the inconvenience of what had happened.

Only a few days ago, said person accused me of being unreliable and slow, and a fake artist. Even going so far as to claim they paid for the work. If I could find the book I surely would update the piece to make them happy, but unfortunately packing was done in a day to move in a rush, and I must have misplaced it - I have looked high and low with no results.

Now I want advice on this. He is claiming it is paid when it is obviously not as it was a request, and since then evidence has been deleted. Do I just ride this one out or continue to plead my point? I have since dropped contact with him via Facebook as being tagged in this as the particular artist has caused unnecessary family and friendship stress on me due to this incident (Yes, my current facebook account has my family on it, and it is my joint Fur and Regular account). So now I need advice on how to continue? I have apologised and mentioned that it was only a request, and that yes it was completed for him as soon as I could.

Update (this is what I posted on my Facebook along with the photo, after my family and friends harassed me over what this person had said about me, this was written before a minor medical isse arose due to the stress) I am more than happy to provide a screenshot of my paypal to prove I have not accepted funds from him: 'Commissioner' Milo Amiro (Facebook) - 

A commission comes before a free request. Free Requests are unpaid pieces of work that take valuable funds and time away from commissions. I do them at my own discretion. Milo Amiro did not pay me to get this piece done.

Lately (2mths), a free request I have done has been lost, namely the book I specifically do my mini-card requests in as I moved houses. I have searched high and low with little results. I would GLADLY post up higher quality pictures (as at the time of original posting, I did not have a scanner, only 8.1MP camera) if I had the actual art to post from, which people do not seem to understand.

In saying this, it was a request. I did not deny it and actually did come through with the art, as posted below. I already took the time to finish this mini-request months ago, though the account it was on has since been deleted.

Though I am more than happy to upgrade the overall quality through a run on Photoshop, colour correcting, sharpening and de-blurring, and have mentioned this before, and will mention that this quick run in photoshop will be free of charge.

In all honesty, requests will now be denied. I have had enough of people taking requests too seriously. I was not paid to do it, therefore have the choice to continue it if I feel like it."

http://imageshack.us/f/821/imag0044twy.jpg/ <-- Said request piece done to the same standard as other request pieces I have done before.

Proof he asked me on the 15th NOV for a scanned copy: 

Proof of name, to compare to my paypal notes below (Happy to take out if its too much, I just have no other way to prove his name via paypal if it ever showed up):

My paypal transactions from 17 July 2011 - 22nd November 2011, earlier than said request.

Unfortunately I cannot access his posts from what he has said about me, as it looks like they may have been deleted. Though a friend that communicated with him might have message logs. Will update those soon.

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