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This is kind of uncomfortable for me to do but.

I'll just get right to the point.  Also, sorry if things are kind of rough, this is my first time on artists_beware!

WHO:  Jirris Midvale. 

WHERE:, also on FurBuy as jirris.

WHAT: Fifty-page sketchbook commission auction.  I won it on FurBuy at a value of $175, $155 of which I paid over several payments with his permission. ( )  He asked me to leave the last $20 until he had finished and sent the book, as an incentive to work on it.

WHEN: The bidding ended March 10th of 2010 if I recall, and Jirris was eager to work on it.  I received a number of scans as he had worked on it, but after a few months he became less and less visible.  I found it difficult to get ahold of him via email, FA notes, text messages, or tweets, and his friends were reluctant to talk to me about it as well.

PROOF:  I must apologize again for not having the original auction page screencapped, as it's been so long ago, but I do have my paypal transactions and log files from times we've spoken.

(10:08:21 PM) Mobile lynx: So when would you like payment?  :>
(10:09:04 PM) Jirris: Congrats you magnifcent bastard xD
(10:09:07 PM) Mobile lynx: B)
(10:09:35 PM) Mobile lynx: [REDACTED] is the name that shows up on Caller ID when I call people.  :x
(10:09:56 PM) Jirris: Ahhhh.
(10:10:01 PM) Jirris: Weird xD
(10:10:03 PM) Jirris: Why?
(10:10:21 PM) Mobile lynx: I dunno!  Probably the person who had my cellphone number before me.  :x
(10:10:31 PM) Mobile lynx: On my previous phone I kept getting calls for a [REDACTED].
(10:11:03 PM) Mobile lynx: So how's it goin'?
(10:12:36 PM) Mobile lynx: PS please keep my secret identity a secret :x
(10:12:49 PM) Jirris: Well, I have to look up prices for the sketchbook and order it. Jenn said she found some online for 15 bucks. Let me figure out some costs, and I'll let you know.
(10:13:03 PM) Mobile lynx: Alrighty.  If at all possible, I'd like to work out payments.
(10:15:49 PM) Jirris: Of course!
(10:16:10 PM) Jirris: I'm doing ok.
(10:16:30 PM) Jirris: Had kind of an annoying day, but better now.
(10:16:34 PM) Mobile lynx: Awr.
(10:17:44 PM) Jirris: I wouldn't expect almost 200 bucks in one go, especially considering everything you'd had to put up with.
(10:18:22 PM) Jirris: What kind of payments would work easiest for you?
(10:18:34 PM) Mobile lynx: Well... How's about like... $60 right now, another $60 when I get paid next Thursday, and the final $60 when the book is finished?  Something along those lines.
(10:25:06 PM) Jirris: That is totally cool. I'd be happy even to do 60 now, 30+ cost of book (about 45 total) later, 35 (30+shipping), and then 60 when it's done.
(10:25:27 PM) Mobile lynx: Toss me a paypal, pally~
(10:25:41 PM) Jirris: So the payments are smaller.
(10:25:43 PM) Mobile lynx: And whenever you're ready I can beat you with sketch ideas.  :x
(10:27:50 PM) Jirris: [REDACTED] make sure to send it as a gift, so I don't get dinged a percentage.
(10:28:15 PM) Mobile lynx: I'll just add the percentage with my calculator, okay?  If you accept too many gift payments Paypal tends to freeze your account.
(10:28:55 PM) Jirris: And you can compile a list of sketch ideas, and email them to
(10:29:03 PM) Jirris: Oh! I did not know that.
(10:29:05 PM) Jirris: Ok.
(10:29:46 PM) Mobile lynx: Yeah, Link Wolf had it happen to her once.
(10:31:06 PM) Jirris: Ooph. Thanks for the tip.

10:08:30 PM) Jirris: Kesdur!
(10:08:30 PM) Jirris: I got the sketchpad today.
(10:08:37 PM) Mobile lynx: Eee~
(10:10:33 PM) Mobile lynx: What's it like?
(10:11:05 PM) Jirris: Hoorah.
(10:11:56 PM) Jirris: It's a 50 page ringbound sketchbook full of marker paper.
(10:12:01 PM) Jirris: Black card cover.
(10:16:29 PM) Mobile lynx: Nice.  c:
(3:42:35 AM) Jirris: hey, would it be too much to ask for me to get some of the remaining bookfunds?
(3:42:49 AM) Jirris: not all of it, as I want to wait until I finish it to get paid for all of it!
(3:43:00 AM) Mobile lynx: How much do you need?  I'm a little low on funds at the moment, but my next paycheck is next week...
(3:43:06 AM) Mobile lynx: Just tell me what you need.
(3:43:18 AM) Jirris: ah, well like, 30 bucks would be a huge help.
(3:43:36 AM) Jirris: if you can't get it to me asap, don't worry about it!  I'll dig the funds up somewhere else.
(3:43:58 AM) Mobile lynx: Hmmn... yeah, I can do that.  :>
(3:44:43 AM) Jirris: come up with anymore ideas?
(3:45:18 AM) Mobile lynx: I sent one yesterday, I think... I might have one or two kicking around though.  :x
(3:45:30 AM) Jirris: yeah, the fatmerkess XD
(3:48:08 AM) Jirris: thanks D:
(3:48:12 AM) Jirris: it makes a big difference!
(3:48:17 AM) Mobile lynx: What happened, pandaperson?
(3:48:52 AM) Jirris: hah, just have checks coming out at the end of the week.
(3:48:56 AM) Jirris: bills and such
(3:56:33 AM) Mobile lynx: Anyhow, I have an idea for another three pics.  :>
It just kind of goes on from there; we had worked out a thing where I would send ideas of what I wanted for each page via email, which I did over the next few months.  Starting in August he began talking less and less often, which from what I understand coincided with a period where he just, holed up and was reluctant to talk to anyone.  I sent a number of emails and notes to try and get ahold of him, along with poking him on MSN every time I saw him, but not much luck.
This begins a cycle that's been going on for the past year and a half, unfortunately, where I get stonewalled at every opportunity.  His friends are reluctant to contact him for me on my behalf, and on the surface it seems like nothing's wrong; he posts new art and takes new commissions and all is well.  But any time I try to ask about my sketchbook or have someone else do it on my behalf, he goes cold.

Eventually I just, sort of snap and fire this off:

For once though, he actually replies!

I'm just sort of shocked at this point.  Because I've been spending the past year and a half just getting increasingly bitter and hot under the collar, not realizing how much of a jerk I've been to him with the specifics of the sketches I had in mind, but nevertheless, I'm writing this now because it has been a lot longer than two weeks.

EXPLAIN:  I legitimately like Jirris and consider him a close friend. I tried to wait this out, hoping it would sort itself out.  After all, I was (am) busy with college and my girlfriend and such, and I know he has his own life to life; among other things, he got married to his fiancee at the end of October and went on a very lovely honeymoon for a week.  I've honestly bee afraid to post this because Jirris is a cool, well-respected guy, and here I am raining on his parade.  I tried to find mention of his sketchbook auction in the backlog of his FA Journals, but can't seem to find anything.  Strange.
I'll be the first to admit that, more than likely, I have been kind of leery and overly demanding, but I honestly didn't see myself as being that bad.  But, well... I'm not sure what more I can say.
In response to the "If I can't have you no one will" vibe that Jirris mentions in his note... I'll admit that I originally bid on his auction in the first place because I paid him for a colored sketch back in June 2009 that I hadn't received.
So by the time I was going into this I was already a little steamed, and I'm not going to deny that it was bad on my part.

But nevertheless, here we are, over nineteen months after the auction ended, and all I have to show for it are about five scans.  I've told him that I was going to post to FurBuy at the end of October if I didn't have the sketchbook by then, but got cold feet when I remembered that his wedding occured at the same time.  I'm at a loss for what more I should do.

Also, sorry that this was so incredibly long!  I've really been sitting on this a while, and if there are details that I've left out I'd be more than happy to provide them when asked.

EDIT: Fixed some link formatting and removed real names and paypal addresses as requested.  Sorry about that!

Tags: artist-jirris, beware

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