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Advice - Commissions to Change Commissions

Yes, this title is probably confusing... it's not a beware, but I'm seeking opinions for myself.

I am, as far as I know, the only one on FurAffinity who does a rather specific type of commission. I convert 2D images to stereoscopic 3D for viewing on 3DTVs, the 3DS, or with those old red/cyan glasses - whichever the customer wants. Of course there's not a huge amount of interest in this, but I have gotten some people's attention. That leads me into one particular dilemma. If someone comes to me with their own art, obviously it's no problem. I've also got an arrangement set up with another artist where my conversion can be purchased as an add-on for commissions from him, so I obviously have his permission. But many, many artists are understandably defensive of their work. My existing "TOS" is very rough and I'm looking to update it - so I want to know how you think I should deal with requests to convert art that the buyer commissioned for someone else.

My initial thought was to simply state "if the art to be converted was not drawn by the customer, they must get permission from the original artist for it to be converted". But is that effective enough? Obviously it would be easy enough to lie about. If an artist contacted me and told me their work had been converted without permission, I would, of course, take it down. I think if I went with that plan, I might include a bit explaining that there are no refunds for conversions removed by request of the original artist.

Should I be more proactive about it, though? My other thought was that I'd contact the artist myself to get permission. It's still not fullproof since the customer could lie about drawing it themselves, but the extra verification could avoid later problems. On the other hand, it could delay or cancel legitimate requests if I can't contact the original artist.

So, what say you, the good and experienced readers of A_B?
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