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WHO:  Sarcatsic.

WHERE:  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sarcatsic/

WHAT:   This is regarding four digital bust shot pics payed for back in feburary of 2011.  Of these four pics only three were done until last month when the fourth pic was done.

WHEN: This took place over a period of nine months,  Starting January 21, 2011.


1-21-11 Commission Accepted. Price Haggled. Details Fleshed OutCollapse )
1-30-11 Initial Sketches Done. Edits Asked for. Fourth Pic Agreement.Collapse )
2-5-11 Payment Sent Notification Sent to SarcatsicCollapse )
Paypal Receipt Showing PaymentCollapse )
2-16-11 First Pic Completed, Background ideas given for second, third, and fourth pics.Collapse )
2-16-11 Background Ideas AcceptedCollapse )
3-28-11 Update RequestedCollapse )
3-30-11 Second Pic Proposed FinishedCollapse )
3-30-11 Edit to Proposed Finished Pic RequestedCollapse )
4-2-11 Second and Third Pics CompletedCollapse )
5-4-11 Update on last pic requestedCollapse )
6-7-11 Update RequestedCollapse )
7-9-11 Update RequestedCollapse )
7-15-11 Left shout on her page asking for UpdateCollapse )
7-27-11 Sarcatsic posts journal advertising pokemon commissions. I post comment requesting an update and asking why I'm being ignoredCollapse )
8-12-11 Update RequestCollapse )
10-9-11 Update RequestCollapse )
10-12-11 Sarcatsic Responds, after I post proof that I paid in full for four pics, Final Pic Given. Edit RequestedCollapse )
10-16-11 No reponse from Sarcatsic. I politely thank her for her time and for drawing the pic for me but tell her that I will be posting an A_B against her for the wait and for being ignored.Collapse )
10-17-11 Sarcatsic responds. Giving the edited version of the pic and a few choice words about meCollapse )

The Pics in Question:

First Pic: FlareonCollapse )
Second Pic: Glaceon Before Edit RequestedCollapse )
Second Pic: Glaceon After Edit RequestedCollapse )
Third Pic: UmbreonCollapse )
Fourth Pic: Vaporen Before Edit RequestedCollapse )
Fourth Pic: Vaporeon After Edit RequestedCollapse )

Hello.  My name is Electricfox777 on furaffinity.net The deal for the four pics by Sarcatsic were agreed upon on Jan. 21st and paid for on Feb. 5th as can be observed by the screenshot timeline I’ve posted above.  After the first pic was completed on Feb.  16th, Ideas were given for the backgrounds of the second, third, and fourth pics.  The second pic was proposed finished on March 30th and a small edit was requested added to the pic.  The second and third pics were completed and delivered on April 2nd.  After that I received no contact from Sarcatsic at all, despite sending her one note a month asking for an update on the final pic.  She received and read my notes and comments but never answered me back.  By July I was beginning to get a bit aggravated at being completely ignored so I left a shout on her page, as well as a comment in a journal she posted advertising commissions.  Still no word came from Sarcatsic until October 9th where she claimed that the receipt she has only shows that I paid for three pics, so three was all she did.  I was surprised that she replied at all, but to have such a blatant lie told annoyed me to no end.  So I posted a screen shot of my own receipt, showing that I had paid her in full for all four pics, and told her that just because she “believed” me to have only paid for three pics, it doesn’t explain why I’ve been ignored all these months.  She replies simply “That's not what mine say, but whatever, here. Take it.”  Now in truth I could have left it alone there, but I did not like the pic I was given.  As patient as I had been.  I did not feel I deserved a half assed pic thrown at me to get me off of her case.  But instead of complaining further, I ask for a simple edit.  I asked that the eyes and grin of the shadow be added into the pic.  She doesn’t respond, and after four days I send her a polite thank you for honoring the arrangement and doing the pic for me.  But I also tell her that the wait and being ignored for months was unacceptable and that I’d be posting an A_B against her for these things.  She responds with a spiteful note telling me how ungrateful and unprofessional a person and commissioner I am, how I never treated her with any respect, and how I asked for edit after edit to the pics she did for me.  I’ll admit I am far from perfect, but you can decide for yourself whether her rant was warranted.  The issue may be closed, but I leave this post to warn others who may commission her in the future what I had to go through, and by extension, what they may go through commissioning her.  Thank you for reading.  Have a nice day.
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