Jaybee (jaybee00) wrote in artists_beware,

A little off-topic maybe...

Please delete it if it is.
This isn't a bad commissioner really, just some lame teenager swiping pics and dumping them on her site. I don't think she's claiming that SHE drew them. However she did not ask for credit.
I've recognised a few pics by myself, horus goddess and shinigami girl, just to name a few...
I...am not mad about this honestly. It amuses me just reading about the lame bio/story she's attached to our characters. lol.
Anyway the site is Here.

I can't seem to find contact info. If I could, I would at least inform her that what she's doing is rude. She may not realise what she's doing is wrong.
I don't appriciate my own characters being used, but it doesn't bother me alot. But it might irk others so...
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