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Confused on a commission?

So, I'm truthfully unsure what to do about a certain situation with an artist that I commissioned in May of this year.

I'm not going to name names at the moment, since I'm still kind of confused, and would like to try and just work things out, and will refer to the artist as 'Leo' from now on.

I was introduced to Leo through another close internet friend of mine quite a while ago. Internet friend and Leo were incredibly close. I did like Leo's style, so I decided to commission her on a site that allows commissions to be taken in online currency.

Shortly after, Leo got sick and left the site, although she still remained on dA to talk to Internet friend.
I never received anything for that commission, but didn't really mind, since it was just fake money, and went on with life as usual.

Stupidly, a couple months later, Leo posted a journal on dA, asking if someone with a paypal account would buy her a character design that was being sold for $9 in exchange for a commission, and I agreed.

She contacted me with the user's paypal information, and asked what I wanted, and I offered her two character designs to choose from. She said she'd be happy to do both, and I paid for the commission, buying her a character design.

I didn't hear from her for a while, but I did occasionally check back in to see if the commissions were finished. Then, a few weeks ago, she posted a journal apologizing to her commissioners, and saying she had two left to finish, and posted their names. I was not one of them.

So I sent her a note, reminding her of the commission, and saying that I could provide notes or paypal information to prove that I'd bought her this design in exchange for a commission. She read the note, but never responded. It's been about a week since then, and she's been posting some journals on occasion, but I haven't been able to speak to Leo since I commissioned her.

So now I'm confused on what to do.

Since I did not actually give money to Leo, I can't file a claim with paypal asking for my money back, but at the same time, I never spoke to the artist whom I paid for the character design.

I'm not sure what my next move should be,and any advice would be greatly appreciated ;o;
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