Violet Foxx (violet_foxx) wrote in artists_beware,
Violet Foxx

Lost Contact

WHO: Misako, Rose G.


WHAT: detailed ref sheet

WHEN: Started planning the commissions July 16th. Last I heard from Rose was September 14th.

PROOF: Here's emails showing when we first agreed on the commission.

This is the last email I've gotten from her.

And here are my attempts at contacting one of her RL friends. I'm highlighted in purple, he's highlighted in orange.

Here's my last note to her RL friend.

EXPLAIN: I'm not too terribly worried about this, since we agreed that I'd pay her upon completion, but I've never had this happen before and communication was excellent until she "lost" her internet or something. That and this was a commission I was really looking forward to as I love her art style. It's just more disappointing than anything, I suppose. :c I don't know if she has any other commissioners either or if I'm the only one. Should I just let this go?
Tags: artist-misako, lost contact
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