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Not sure if its lost contact or beware- Tailbiteryena

WHO: Tailbiteryena

WHERE: This is the link to the head she was offering:

WHAT: Fursuit head and tail, an Oshawott like character.

WHEN: The "auction" began and ended on October 24th, 2011.

PROOF: (same link as above) that is the post where she offered the head. I was the first one to take her up on the offer, so she closed the auction.
That link included a post I made almost a week ago asking about a tracking number.
I have sent her several private messages over LJ and have not gotten anything back.

Some screenshots:

That was the first message I sent them the first night they offered the head

This is the one response I had from them and my response with my address (blocked out of course)

Three messages I sent, 2 weeks ago, 1 week ago, and then tonight, trying to get some information on the head.

The paypal screen that shows that I sent the 70 bucks, 50 for the head and tail and 20 for shipping (which I thought was way too much but I wasn't about to argue too much about it)

EXPLAIN: Honestly there isn't too much to say. I spoke with the person the night that they offered the head, but I have not heard from them afterwards. I know they said that they were moving and that was why they wanted to money that night, so I sent them the money that night, because they wanted to send it before they moved.

This is the first time I have posted here, so I hope that everything is correct here. I am not here to badmouth this person, I just want my head that I paid for, that is all...
Tags: artist-tailbiteryena, beware, fursuit
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