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Art Theft by DJ Ravi / Ravinose Xu (RESOLVED)

Recently I have noticed that someone I consider a friend, has been posting up some art and saying they are taking commissions. Well after looking at the art they have been posting I noticed something was right and went looking. I found the originals

WHO: DJ Ravi / Ravinose Xue

WHAT: Art re-tracing / re-coloring - no credit to original artist given

WHEN: October 22-24

Hers : Was removed. Will see about putting up the copy I screenshotted
Original by Hitomi Hasegawa :

Hers :
Original by Akata Itsuki :

I am not going to do over lays seeing as how it is very apparent of the copying.

She has posted both of these to her Facebook as well and After finding the Sword Girl one I left a comment on the picture saying "Very nice retrace and recolor. Might be a good idea to give credit to the original artist though." After that I was unfriended and blocked. That night I talked to her on Yahoo Messenger and she told me that it was her roommate that had posted it up and a "pet" that had made it for her.

Now the "Nia and Simon" one. I saw her making this one at Fur Fright, though It was mostly done and I didn't get a good look at it. Just today did I find the original after looking for the Sword Girl.

I also went onto her FA page and went to leave a comment on one of her fursuit picture only to find out I have been added to her block list.

EDIT: I will be talking to her about both of these and see if she finally confesses. Will post my results.

EDIT #2 : She took down the "Nia and Simon" one after I am guessing a few posts made about her tracing. Did not get a chance to see them for myself.

EDIT #3 : She has said that Sword Girl was a gift and given a name along with it. As for "Nia and Simon" she has said that the original was given to her by someone who wanted a commission and was asked to trace over it.

EDIT #4 : After a long talk with Ravi, she has promised never to let something like this happen again and will do research on any pictures she is given and will seek out the original artist to get permission.
Tags: artist-djravi/ravinose xu, beware, tracing

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