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Artist MIA epletyv

Around 8 months ago, I paid $5 for watercolour icons, with some users(me included) having paid in advance. I know $5 doesn't seem much, but it can end up a lot of money to take up and leave with. I was just curious whether this person has moved accounts or simply just quit the internet?

I would honestly just like to know whether this artist has ditched, or whether there's a perfectly reasonable reason for the long wait.

Their FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/epletyv/

They still have the journal with the icons up. I have a screenshot in the unlikely event it gets deleted.

Update: They got back to me on deviantart after I was given their username and they said they will try to get them finished. 

Here's their journal. For now I'm willing to trust this person. For now the MIA is now resolved, and hopefully everyone can get their icons :) 


Hi guys, just a quick journal saying I'm still alive and kicking, and I do intend on doing those icons... if you still want them, though if you want the money back instead I can completely understand that as well, to put it that way. Pop me a note if that's the case and I'll get that sorted straight away. If not, I'm going to start working on them over the weekend. 

I am really sorry about how this turned out, it's downright unprofessional of me. Needless to say I kinda overestimated myself and took on a bit too many because I thought "oh well these little things they'll take me like 15 minutes" aaand then they didn't, because I wanted to do them really good, and it sort of burned me out and I lost motivation completely, which is not at all a good excuse really, and then RL punched me in the face and I somehow managed to move to a different country and I dunno, a lot of stuff has happened in the meantime and time just flew really fast and I just never got round to it.

Once again, really, really sorry, there really is no excuse. It wasn't my intention to con people out of money in any way, it was just a really bad case of a burnout, and I should have said, but I am really terrible at communicating... Yeah gonna get to it, sorry.

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