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WHO: Dipper


WHAT: Tracing other peoples' work to use in commissions

WHEN: Friday, November 04, 2011

The overlay:

The overlay:

While she may have cited her reference in this pic, there's apparently been some controversy surrounding it. Rumor being, she never cited it until she was called out for tracing it. I've heard this from several people, but sadly I can't prove if it's true or not.

***UPDATE*** (Sat, Nov 5th, 2011) - Dipper has made a public apology on her FA account seen here:
And with that, I have accepted her apology for tracing my work. I believe she's learned from this whole experience and won't turn back to tracing or taking shortcuts again. Whether her apology really is legitimate or not, the important part is she won't be foolish enough to rip people off again, especially now that people are being weary and watchful over her gallery. I didn't mean for this thing to blow up as big as it did, but I felt it was my responsibility to bring all of this to everyone's attention.

EXPLAIN: A concerned user had notified me of a commission Dipper had uploaded to FurAffinity. They said it looked like a trace of a livestream doodle I had done for a friend some time ago. I was skeptical until I saw the over-lay (shown in Example1). This is a screenshot of the full description she included in the submission:
Nowhere did she even credit me. After some word had spread about her trace, she was quick to delete every comment left on her FA account regarding this issue.

Example 2 was presented by someone who read about the news of Dipper's tracing. Their comment was:
"It got me wondering about my partner's unfinished commissions with her (of which the WIPs have been deleted now apparently?)"

Her note to me, including my disappointed response:
Her reply:
...Which I didn't even reply to, because I had no words.
Her last note:
She mentions an artist with an "N" name because, according to my husband, she had noted him explaining that she traced because her commissioner, gwiibear, specifically requested she copy one of the artist's drawings. She refused to do that, but I don't know what made me the exception. I will have screenshots of these notes as soon as my husband gets free time to upload them.

All of this has made me feel rather stupid and gullible for taking part in one of Dipper's own charity auctions (Shaytalis paid her $100 for winning my slot, which is no small amount). I actually felt sorry for her. She seemed to be someone with the worst luck in the world, but at this point I no longer feel sorry for her about anything.

If she's as emotionally flustered as she claims to be, she probably shouldn't be taking on commissions if it's affecting her business practices like this (unless her commissioners enjoy being lied to and ripped off).

I had considered posting this to art_theft, but felt it more fitting to post here considering she's been doing this for commission money. Dipper is an artist I really liked until today. I may be more sore about this than others since it's my art she's been stealing, but what she's done is still rather messed up.
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