WinterSnoWolf (wintersnowolf) wrote in artists_beware,

UPDATE- False Contests: KuroKitten87

This weekends turn of events from this previously titled entry A_B post has been resolved. I wish nothing but the best for the rest of the people KuroKitten owes; I hope you ALL receive what she needs to send you and begins to slowly rebuild what reputation she has left, back. As far as the outbursts and "Sock Puppetry" on her behalf all I will state is that Actions Speak Louder Than Words

For the full details of this resolved event and the end outcome please see the final update Edit #5 here:

END OUTCOME: She mailed me a Western Union Check for $100.00 (I plan to deposit later today) as well as the art back and a note telling me her feelings. Total time to receive payment from being announced the winner: August 17th, 2010 - November 2nd, 2011


Issue Finally resolved.
Thank you all!


HERE'S THE PROOF IT CASHED A-OK YA'LL: "Proof: Western Union M.O. cashed :)"

Additional info-
Her note word for word typed by user Kayla_la(thank you btw!):
Here is your money and here is your picture. I am sending both to you because even tho you are getting your money I dont want the art.

I told you I was sorry and I even appologized for it, but that apparently didn't matter to you but you know whatever. It really doesn't matter anymore.

Do what you want with the picture. Its your's anyway. It doesnt belong to me and it never did
Tags: artist-kurokitten87/kurokedel/kitnabarii, comm-izzyideshi/kitnabarii/kurokitten87, resolved
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