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KuroKitten87- Update

Seeing the previous post here, I've decided to update my own issue that I had with Kuro, as found here:

My half from that:


As of today, over 1 year since my initial A_B post, and 18 months since the trade I made with Kuro, I have still yet to receive anything from her.

Every once in a while, I would try to communicate with her, each time, the conversation dead-ended, if it began at all.

I have a few of these saved: (Take note, I changed my FA username this summer, so that is why there are two different names on this)

February of 2011:
In February, she claimed it finished, and just needed to wait for the recent snowfall to lessen.

April 2011:
Now she claims to be working on it

July 2011:
This is when I alert her to my changed account (so converation could continue there), and again she claims to be working on it.

September 2011:
I note her, with a reintroduction, and explain my contact, it was read, but not responded to.

The problem I have now is what to do. I really only see three options to this:
1. Wait it out to see if anything comes.
2. Chalk it up as a loss (I really do not want to do this)
3. Ask for compensation (*note below)
*The problem with the third one is that I would not know what 'compensation' would be. When I was doing the writing, it would be either as a gift to friends (or for someone for something important) or as a trade. I never exchaned money in any of the cases, so I'd not think it'd be applicable after the fact, and given that it was never in writing.

Edit 1: Kuro has contacted me, about sending out something. I've asked for a preview, and will edit this again once things are sorted out.

Edit 1.5: We've exchanged notes, and I've provided my email. As of yet, I have yet to receive a preview of what she is planning on sending. She said that it would be sent out after she finished babysitting on the 31st. Here is the exchange of notes, her's being in yellow, mine in blue.
Tags: artist-kurokitten87/kurokedel/kitnabarii, beware, trade
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