Nnoitorah (nnoitorah) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice On Overcharged Shipping

I'm in need of a little advice.

I recently purchased a pre-made fursuit partial from a seller (who I will not name at the moment). I was charged $35 to ship this within the US, and paid the amount in full straight away.

Now, the package has arrived and the amount stickered on the box is $10.74. It had delivery confirmation which is like...70 cents? The box was an old reused box, and the packing was just wadded up shopping bags. Clearly no money was spent on packaging at all.

I want to ask: is this fair or decent business practice? I find it very dishonest and scammy. Certainly I don't expect the price to be the exact total on the box but this is WAY over. I know the auction didn't end for as much as the seller would like, but I don't think that's any excuse either.

This isn't the only problem I've had with this seller either. I originally sent the full total right after receiving the shipping quote - the auction total plus the shipping, as asked for. The seller then replied to me "you forgot the Paypal fee. You owe me [about]$17, send that too". I was obviously taken aback as this was mentioned nowhere and it's against the Paypal ToS. It took a fair bit of arguing to have this Paypal fee dropped, even after a threat to "just include it in the shipping" (which would have bumped the shipping up a further $17!). Those quotes are paraphrased but very close to the originals, by the way.

At this point I really want to complain to the seller about this but I'd rather hear some opinions on it first - as well as what might be a good thing to say if I do raise the issue. Thanks!

Edit: I may as well add in that this person has been featured on A_B several times, including very recently. Sadly the recent post appeared after I had purchased and paid, and I hadn't seen the old tag, or I may have thought twice about buying. :/ I have now emailed them asking about the charges to see what answer they give me.
Tags: advice for commissioners, fursuit
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