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Advice needed about commissioner

Hi everyone! I’m a total newbie when it comes to commissions so I am seeking some advice for dealing with a client I have.

Basically, my client has commissioned me for a waist-up colored sketch. We have agreed on a price for this, and since he does not have a paypal I told him I would accept a gift card. I would complete the sketch and once he approved it, he would mail the gift card to me and I would finish coloring the picture.

Right now I am in the process of revising the sketch for this guy. I sent him the initial sketch I did, and he asked me to add many more bells and whistles on to it that wasn’t included in the description of his character. He also asked for a background and wanted many changes done to his character that weren’t clearly stated in his reference (no proper visual reference and his grammar is absolutely awful). My picture is also now going past the waist to accommodate an incredibly detailed belt

I did these changes and sent him the revised sketch, and he wants me to edit it even further (including undoing changes I have made in the last revision lol). I still have yet to receive any payment, and I feel that the price we agreed upon is simply too little for all of the details I’ve added.

He said he will not get paid until November 1st (a disability check nonetheless) and had I known any of this I would not have taken the commission. He is also overloading my inbox with many notes per day and is sharing way too much personal information with me.

I told him I will no longer be changing his sketch until I get the gift card for the price we agreed upon, but at this point I am feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed with this client. I am unsure whether or not I should continue, or if it is appropriate for me to ask for more money.


EDIT: Am I allowed to edit? lol

The person is Mattmayhem/salemgrim

I want up upload these screenshots of our notes

I sent this note to him after making this beware post. The bottom note is a small portion of his contradictions.

His new FA account. Watch out for salemgrim

a list of all the notes he sent me. There are small snippets of character detail and description in each one, which made it impossible to get the character right, especially when he kept changing his mind. Asking him to cut back on sending notes was no use. All the he notes sent on the same day were all sent at the same time.

EDIT again: Just got these lovely notes after cancelling on him:
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