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Advice about a slight issue

I need some advice about a situation I'm in. I don't care to name the person just yet, seeing as how I don't feel it has quite come to that point yet. But here is the issue.
I sent a paypal payment on September 9th for a plaster mold.

The person emailed me on September 16th, letting me know that they would be sent out on Monday. (Sep. 19) I did not receive anything at that time.

I inquired again on Oct 5th, and they replied telling me they would get the tracking info to me asap.

I waited patiently, only to get an e-mail on Oct. 11, telling me that the senders significant other did not send out the packages as they had asked. They say they will ship it out asap. I have since sent two more e-mails inquiring about the mold, but have gotten no reply.

It is a day past the paypal dispute time, so I'm wondering what I should do.  I feel as if I have been given the run around and no I am at a loss. This is the second poor experience I've had with paying for something and not getting what I paid for. If I missed anything, let me know. If the name of the person is strongly requested, I will give it out. I can also get any screen caps if necessary.

Edit: I got a tracking number in my e-mail just after I sent this in. However, it doesn't work for some odd reason. It looks like it was sent on October 15th. I don't see how it wouldn't have been received by now, nor why the tacking number won't work. I will be stopping by the post office to see if they can possibly tell me anything. (Which I somehow doubt. I also don't blame the seller in the least if the post decides to mess up.)
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