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Elliekin (ETA resolved)

Who: Elliekin
What: a digital commission that cost £15
When: November 22, 2010 and ongoing
Proof: I don’t have the screencap of the PayPal receipt, but I do have some of the pms and one attempted email - the commission agreement - this is the last I’ve heard from her - since then, I asked how she's doing, but it's read and ignored - another message ignored - this message is left unread for a while - my message to her on LJ. No dice - I tried emailing her, but even that was ignored (edited to blur out her email address)

Explain: I came to Elliekin for a £15 commission on November 22, 2010 and paid her for it. I’ve been a repeat customer to her in the past and I usually never have problems doing business with her until this year. I sent her a friendly reminder about me not getting my final product and that I want a refund. She’s having some medical issues and is starting an unpaid apprenticeship at the end of June (but it’s already past June now, and I hadn’t heard from her since I received a pm from her, and yet she’s somewhat active and posted a few pics in her gallery recently)

I’ve tried pming her to see what’s up. Nothing. She just flat-out ignored me. I’ve sent her another pm, saying that it’s rude and unprofessional to ignore pms asking for commission refunds and that I’m worried about getting screwed over, but she never read it. I’ve tried contacting her through LJ and email, but still no answer. Something tells me she’s now very difficult to contact these days

Even though she's got some nice art at good prices, I would advise anyone not to commission her (unless if they don’t mind waiting a long time with no commissioned art or refund)

ETA: she commented on this post, saying that she hasn't respond due to a huge vital deadline her company's having recently and she only be logged in to her work email and hasn't been on DA much. I'll consider this issue resolve
Tags: artist-elliekin, beware, resolved
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