An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote in artists_beware,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Question about commissioning pay-upon-completion art

I'm not naming names because I didn't pay anything yet and nothing was lost, but I'm very frustrated nonetheless and would like to ask for advice.

A few months ago an artist on my watch list was accepting animated icon commissions at $10 per, so I grabbed a spot. They said I didn't have to pay until it was completed, but because of the complexity of my character it would probably be in the $15 range. I said that was fine.

A month went by, and they were uploading personal artwork, but no mention of my icon (or the other ones they took). Being an artist myself, I understand the fact that people have every right to draw/upload personal art between commissions, but I felt that a month was a reasonable enough time to wait before contacting them about it, so I did, just asking how it was coming. They said that they had it nearly completed but then something happened and the file got corrupted/their computer died halfway through, I can't remember which it was just that it was a technical difficulty that wiped all of the progress they had on it so they'd have to start all over again. They also said that my icon would be done "tomorrow" or "the next day" latest.

This was 2 months ago. :/ They're still uploading personal art so they are active, but neither my icon or any of the other icons others have requested have been uploaded.

Should I continue to ask about it or should I just forget about it entirely? This is my first time commissioning someone who asks for payment upon completion so there's not technically much of a contract or obligation on their part to finish my artwork. I also have had experiences where I asked about progress and the artist felt so bad about taking so long that they immediately rushed through it and did a less-than-stellar job compared to their examples, so I don't want that to happen either. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Tags: advice for commissioners
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