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WHO: Besped

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/besped/

WHAT: Flash Animation (agreement down in the proof section)

WHEN: First contacted Besped back on 15/12/2010 asking him to do a flash animation for me, to which he agreed, and gave me his paypal to make a payment to him.

Requested a refund on 08/10/2011 to be paid within the week, he asked for it to be put back to the 19/10/2011 to which I agreed, but the 19th came and no refund, and he hasn't read my latest note.


The Original Agreement - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40345693/Besped.png

The promise of a refund - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40345693/Besped-2.png

I have a paypal screen cap if necessary, but this should suffice for now?


When I first contacted him for a commission, I waited for a sketch before I paid him. The sketch was fairly quick incoming, and I promptly sent off a payment to him. Since I sent him the money, that is pretty much the last evidence of him working on my commission. I would chase him for updates on a regular interval say once a month but I only received one sketch update in the 10 months he has had to do my commission in and only after I kicked up a stink about it.

He has told me on a dozen occasions that he has completed or is nearly completed my commission just to say what I want to hear to make me go away, but no evidence was ever produced to back up that he was progressing on my commission. I have explained in detail that I have been displeased with the way he was treating me, but his has done nothing to change the way he was conducting his business.

On top of this, he is constantly taking new commission queues for flash animations before he is anywhere near finishing the last batch of commissions. Besped's journals with multiple commission lists still outstanding - http://www.furaffinity.net/journals/besped/

Now he has completed some other commissions that were on the other lists, but he doesn't done any work on them in a long time now. I am surprised his name hasn't appeared on here more often considering how many people are waiting for art from him. There are also various comments on his journals of people waiting for 2 years and still not receiving anything from him, the ones that haven't already been deleted that is.

This is more about the principle than the money at this stage.

Edit: Also forgot to mention that he would try and squeese more money out of me about various addons or other commission deals he had going on-


Resolved: He Finally came through with my commission. So glad that is over now, made me angry every time I thought of his name.
He asked me to share this message:

If anyone would like some advice regarding how I dealt with it, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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