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Should you use AB as a threat/incentive to an artist avoiding you before actually making a post?

Sorry for the oddly worded question haha. By artist I do mean one who is actually having shady/unprofessional behavior, not just any one you start a transaction with. :) I'm in a position right now where I might need to make a post of my own soon for a pretty popular artist.

I commissioned them at FC of this year, which was in mid January, and the piece has been finished since late May (it was a sketch badge). But for some reason or another they have still not mailed it to me. The last two messages I sent politely asking them about it have gone unreplied to, one was an email and one was a note (I waited a month in between each message as to not bombard them). The note I know for sure was read within 24 hours and just never got responded to. The email was sent about a week ago now, and while I do know there's a chance they might not have read it yet, with how much easy access people have to email these days and getting ignored in my last message/the other responses just having me resend information they were already given, I'm not feeling too positive about it.

They also state on their front page that email is their preferred method of communication and where to go to inquire about new commissions, so that seems to further the idea that it wouldn't take too long for them to check it, but I could be wrong. They have been active on FA during this time. I always make sure to wait at least a month in between asks, sometimes months. I'm perfectly fine with being patient since I'm a slower artist myself, but not getting replies immediately gives me the "doomgloomdeath" feeling that this transaction might not end how I expected it to.

So I'm wondering if I should just make a post if within another week or so I still haven't gotten a response without sending them another message, or should I send one more message and this time say that I need to get a response about this situation or I'm going to AB?

I've always wondered if such artists deserve posts of their own if you have to go to such extremes to get them to contact/work with you to completion, or if it counts as them still being a trustworthy artist to respond to the threat. I've seen this get positive results in the past, but it personally makes me uncomfortable to have to flex the threatening arm like that. I understand the point of view that if it gets the results its a good tool, but at the same time I can't help but feel as if that allows other commissioners to sign up for something they aren't expecting by not mentioning those artists need to be given harsh incentive to finish the task. I do know that it is partially a case by case basis, as if something is just wrong with the drawing and you don't want to say so you shouldn't make a post about them since that falls back on you the commissioner for not speaking up, so in particular should you use it as a threat to get them to communicate with you?

As it stands now I'm just really unsure as to what is going on on their end. The piece is already finished and has been for some time (they even sent me a picture and a low res scan of it), so I'm wondering if maybe it was damaged or lost and they just feel embarrassed to say so or feels its not worth their time anymore? I'm really not sure. Since I have a decent scan of it, I was thinking of maybe just asking to get a larger res file if they had one and just a partial refund for not getting the physical piece, but that would include basically assuming it is indeed lost or damaged and still needs a response on their part. In my last message I briefly mentioned that if they did happen to have shipped it already and it simply got lost what they would like to do from here such as a partial refund etc to try and maybe make them more comfortable to admit it if something did happen to the piece. My last two messages were mainly just asking how frequent their mailing batches are, since I was told they forgot to send it in the last batch a few months ago, and never got an ETA on when it would be sent out. Nothing aggressive or pushy on my part I don't think, but I could be wrong?

The main question: Should artists who need to be threatened with AB to respond to you still get posts of their own/should threatening with AB be done at all beforehand when artists stop responding to you? Why or why not?
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