Emolgalicious (punkspacewafers) wrote in artists_beware,


WHO: Narutofan098


WHERE: Deviantart

WHAT: A very small points commission for a Pokemon walky icon, 15 deviantart points (not sure what that translates to in USD)

WHEN: Offer was made August 1,2011. The commission was fully paid August 28, 2011.

EXPLAIN: Well, basically, in March of 2011 I commissioned Narutofan098 for a 100x100 icon with an Oshawott and an Emolga on it. It seemed fine and dandy, her waiting list was relatively small, and I liked her art style.

This has been resolved, thank you for your help!

Anyways, I waited for quite some time, and it became August. I assumed she hadn't started yet, so I sent her this message, as I had a different idea by then of what I wanted.

No responses after that, still waiting for my icon.

Granted, I barely paid anything for it, but I'm one of those people who needs to have an issue resolved with either a concrete "I do not want to work on this anymore," a refund, or a result. So far I've had none of those.

I hate hate hate posting A_B posts because I always feel so terrible for it ;____;
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