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Beware: Addy Karfield

WHO: Addy Karfield or Racerthelynx 


WHERE: Through FurAffintiy. and Fairfax, VA.

WHAT: $1,200 (based on Paypal and bank statements) paid partial new fursuit commission of the following pieces. fursuit head, hand paws, sleeves, tail, and foot paws. Based on  http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4266866/  Estimated completion date: September-October 2010.  Not completed after a year and a month.  No sign of WIP or completion.  Refund demanded.

WHEN: Offer was made August 1,2010. The commission was fully paid August 28, 2010.

EXPLAIN: In summary, I commissioned Addy Karfield to build a fursuit in August 2010 for $1,200.  He posted a completion date on FurAffinity for September 17, 2010.  After several attempts to contact Addy about the status of my fursuit, some of which were ignored, and due to his failure to ship or deliver “completed” pieces, I have not seen or received any pieces of the fursuit that I commissioned.  I am seeking a full refund.

After 2010 Anthrocon, Addy Karfield, who was my Anthrocon hotel roommate and ride share, had asked me to build me a fursuit of a character that look similar to Racer the Lynx and that he was starting a fursuit making business.  The deal was made through a verbal agreement, as he didn’t draft a written contract or ToS, even though I asked before the deal was made.  However, verbal agreements are enforceable.   On August 5, I agreed to the commission by placing a $300 deposit.  On August 28, I paid him the full amount, which I gave him. On September 5, just one week after I paid for my fursuit, he posted an estimated completion date of September 17, 2010, which was postponed a week later due to his surgery. 

Trying to see what he did, even after his inviting me to see what he has finished, was unsatisfying. Once in January 2011 and again at Anthrocon (June 2011), he invited me to his car to deliver me parts of the fursuit he “thought” were in his trunk, but he hastily looked through the trunk for a  few seconds later coming up with nothing.  In February, he invited me to his apartment, only to show me a foam head that was supposed to be part of the fursuit, but from looking at it, I could not tell because he was working on other fursuits. On September 2011, when he moved to Nokesville, VA, I asked if he had my fursuit hand paws and tail that he said were finished; he said that he didn’t know where he put them (since he moved in two weeks ago) and that he was too busy to look for them.  Otherwise, he has never shown me anything related to my fursuit he built, if he built anything.

Asking him to ship and for refund was met with failure. The only time he answered positively to my shipping request was 11 months after the deal, when he asked for my address.  He often ignored my responses or gave excuses that he doesn’t have time and money to ship, even after he asked for my address. Several times over the year, I called him; a few times he would answer, but when he didn’t answer, I could leave a voicemail message; later on, he would repeatedly just hang up the phone, not allowing me to leave a voice message.  When I asked for a refund, at first he said he could not refund me because of his finances, and then he said he could only refund some of it and give me the fabric, which I declined.     

My other fursuit builders responded to me in a timely manner. Recently, I ordered a set of paws, sleeves, and a tail from one fursuit builder. It took her less than three weeks from the time I ordered to the time I received my order.   It should not take more than a year to build a fursuit, let alone reply to messages, which end up either being ignored or replied with lame excuses.  One time, after I asked him if he found my hand paws and tail he claimed he made, he texted “I’m resting”.  After driving him to Anthrocon and rooming with him, I was expecting trustworthy treatment from Addy, but now I am mistaken.  I think he took the commission just to make a windfall because his responsiveness is unsatisfactory, and after a year he has made no effort on his part to give me a fursuit partial or refund, even after he stated he would finished it Fall 2010. I am seeking a full return of my money for the entire partial fursuit commission, but not the reference sheet.
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