Sugar Thief (kestral_kitsune) wrote in artists_beware,
Sugar Thief

note about me: seeing as other people have done this too.

HI. first time poster and its a warning about me. How sweet XD.

I'm horrible at times with requests and commisions. It takes me awhile to get them done but I DO get them done, and I also have to contend with college work, school work always has come before art with me and I'm really struggling behind this year.

Commisions I try to get finished before requests but because I just can't draw on command it all depends on what inspired me. I currently have one commision waiting to be finished, I have it in sketch state and have been hoping for some critique by the commisioner but so far have yet to recieve any so I'm working on what I know she wants.
Sending out commisions is usually a couple days after I recieve payment due to the fact that I have no way to get to the nearest post office and sometime have to ask my mom to send it off for me.

so if anyone here commisions me or asks for a request/trade what ever just let it be known that it will take a while for it to be finished and I ask for patience.

thank you for listening.
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