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Should I butt in?

Okay, here's an awkward situation for you. Not going to name names yet, but here goes;

So a long time ago, I had a conversation with my friend (boyfriend at the time) and he had mentioned ordering a ref sheet and never getting it. I told him he should bother the artist about it since he paid about 40-50$ at the time. He shrugged and said he was patient, so I let it go.

Some months later, I get a commission request. I show him the WIP, and he laughs and says "hey, that's the chick I ordered art from!"
Sure enough, since he was on my page, he said he got a note with her apologizing, and she also posted a shout about throwing in a badge or something as well for taking so long. This was about 5 months ago.

Since then she's uploaded other commissions, and recently she's asked to order from me again. Nothing against her because she's really sweet, fun to work with, and her character is adorable, but I'm semi-uncomfortable doing work for her when someone so close to me has been 'jiffed' so to speak. He counts it as a loss already, but told me if it was bothering me I could go ahead and ask her about it. He's kinda on the side of he'd be happy if he got the art in the end, but doesn't want to push the artist.

So A_B, am I crossing the line by asking her about it politely? Or should I just leave it?

/edit; alrighty, so I've asked him about it and he said he'd send her a note. Hopefully we can see some results and I won't be here posting up again about her, haha. ^^'
Thanks guys!
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