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Thief! Thief!

OK, my mate saw how excited I was that Lakotawolf had posted a commission auction on Furbid, so he treid to win it. When the bidding went higher than he wanted to go, he contacted Lakota via her webpage and told her he was interested in commissioning her to do a plush of my gryphon-y self.

To make a long story short, she agreed, tool all the particulars, and accepted his $50 paypal payment.
( which, incidentally was 5$ OVER the agreed amount, he simply thought her work looked cool enough do deserve a little something extra as a bonus. This is the same fur who when we go out to eat almost never tips less than 20%...so he was trying to be nice, as usual. )ANYway, we waited and waited, and were told she had the pattern all cut out and was just doing the markings on the fur...and THAT was the last we heard of her.

Since then we have both tried to contact her, first being polite and gradually growing more and more angry! In her deadjournal she mentioned all the personal problems she was having at home. I tried to be sympathetic...eveyone has troubles now and again. BUT, if she was so busy and upset, then why was she able to still take the time to do her journal entries??? And would an email stating "Hey guys, sorry about the wait but I'm going thru a lot of personal shit right now...it'll be a while before I can get to your commission" have been so freakin' much to ask for?!?!
Keep in mind that this commission was back in MARCH, for my birthday.

My mate and I are both disgusted, pissed, and wanted to warn eveyfur out there NOT to pay Lakotawolf a dime! She obviously has NO respect for others, or her customers. What she did what outright THEFT, and since it's over 30 days Paypal is unwilling to help us. Be warned! Dealing with this dishonest fur is a costly mistake!!!

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