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WHO: djdarkfox, no other known aliases 


WHAT: Art trade. 

WHEN: My end was completed and posted in early October of 2008 and I have yet to receive his half of the trade.

PROOF: All available on my original submission, including comments indicating his intent to complete the trade:

EXPLAIN: I engaged in a trade with djdarkfox more than 3 years ago, and completed my piece and posted it on FA ( on October 14th, 2008. 

About 6 months later, i noted him and asked if he was still going to do my half of the trade. He said yes, but he was busy so he needed to take some personal time before completing my half.

One year later, I noted him again. Same response, but with an apology for the tardiness.

Last October, I sent him a note that asked him to either complete his half or to be honest with me and tell me if he never actually planned to do it in the first place. 
He just said "it's just that I need the mood for the pic" and that was that.

Now its been 3 years and he's submitted over 35 new drawings (he hasn't been inactive nor has he left the fandom) and none of them have been the owed art. 

I'm not terribly heartbroken about not getting a piece of art - that's not really the point - but I am ticked off that someone can be that dishonest for that long over something so trivial, so I'd like to post this to A_B and make sure nobody else has to learn djdarkfox's tendencies the hard way. 
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