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Warning: Luvythicus

WHO: Luvythicus
WHAT: Art trade, 3 bags of plushies and fur fabric for 1 drawing.
WHEN: May 29 2010

- I offer free stuff, but first come first serve, in order to prevent other people from snatching up 3 trash bags worth of plushies and fur fabric, he offers to trade me art to hold on to them until he can get someone to pick the items up. I agree.
- He receives the items and expresses his happiness with them.
- He acknowledges multiple times that he owes me work.
- Of a certain quality.
- Yet he forgets about me 3 times.
- Inundates me with angst and lies, such as not having a working computer when uploading digital work or saying he's too busy when uploading gift art.
- Lies, i.e. about being threatened to swindle money out of his viewers.
- Currently claims he no longer has the items and says I will never get the art he owes me.

Once upon a time, I was cleaning up and decided to give away of a pile of plushies and a few meters of fur fabric.
The plushies and fur were really nice so I thought some local furries might enjoy them, so rather than give them to a local thrift store like I usually do, I put up a "free to a good home, first come first serve" post here.

Enter Luvythicus.
He said he knew someone locally who could pick up a large portion of the fur and the plushies the next day, but that didn't work out. Afraid someone else might come for the items before he/his friends could he said "I know you said no reserving, but..." and offered to trade artwork in exchange for me holding on to 13 plushies and several meters of fur fabric. He used this and this image as a sample to show the quality of work he would give me.
I agreed and at this point it became a trade; the items for art.

June 5 2010 he received the items and let me know how happy he was with them.
June 7 2010 I give him the information he needs to draw his half of the trade. The link I sent him was this one, which is fairly clear reference I think. He complains about the complexity, but if you give her clothes you only have to do the stripes on her face, so. *shrug*
September 7 2010 I remind him of our agreement.
September 22 2010 he forgot who I am. After clarification I send him the reference link again and he says "Imma doodle her today fer sure x3"
November 2010 I leave a shout on his FA page (no screenshot as it had since scrolled off) and again, he forgot who I am. November 26 2010 I remind him again, send reference link for third time.

Eventually, on November 28 2010, I get a sketch.
You might notice a discrepancy between the quality of that and the quality he promised. I hemmed and hawed, already pretty fed up with having to wait half a year for even a preliminary and being inundated with false promises and angst whenever I ask him about it. But I confront him and tell him this is not the quality of work we agreed on. Same day, he agrees and says he'll draw more. which is followed by another note in which he explains, apologizes and promise to "draw something proper".

That's the last I heard from him for months.
In the meantime he has and continues to take commissions, ask people for ideas to draw, does a lottery, draws gifts, does trades and offers free art and draws numerous pictures of his character doing the horizontal mambo with other people's characters.
I understand people having a hard time, and I understand that paying customers come first. But in this case, I have no clue as to what the hold up is supposed to be. If anything I thought the fact he was uploading work would mean he'd definitely get around to mine, but either he has a 1.5 year backlog or he's taken commissions AND trades after mine and just skipped over the work he owes me.

March 5 2011, I send him a link to the original LJ post as a reminder, he says I am not a priority and can't even draw for himself. But uploads gift art 10 days later.

April 19 2011 rolls around and I'm fed up.
I send him a a deadline, provide me with a preliminary within a month or return the items because I don't think he should get something for breaking his promise.
Because he lives on the other side of the country and both he and I have spotty transport at best (depending mostly on public, which costs an arm and a leg), I asked (mutual!) friends more local to him and with transport, if they'd be willing to drop by and pick up the items, so it'd be easy for Luvy to bow out of the trade.

He responds by saying he feels threatened and anyway his computer is broken so unless I can teach him to draw out of thin air..
He then makes an FA journal about the fact he's being threatened.
Notice how, after a year of admitting he promised to make me art of a certain quality and that he was definitely going to get 'round to it, he goes to saying how he just offered a sketch out of the kindness of his heart. At least he's being honest when he says "I don't care if you feel cheated or anything".

My response, also explaining that it wasn't a threat because well, it wasn't. I figured that if it was a misunderstanding, he'd delete or at least amend the post. However, in response to my statement that I was not threatening him, he says that the post is just a warning for anyone else who might suddenly demand art from him. So he knew he was not being threatened, but the post is still there, without even amending the information he knew to be false and he got at least 50 dollars out of lying to his viewers!

The obvious falsehood of his post also casts a new light on this one: Silly customers.
And makes me wonder how many more people he might owe work to. :/

I tell him that, while he claims to only be able to use the internet via his phone and not draw digitally, he had uploaded digital work. I'm not angry, I just want what he promised me.
May 8 2011 he's suddenly all cutesy and pleasant again, and asks for my real life address for a "surprise". I am suspicious, and ask him for a phone pic of the traditional media doodles. I remember seeing it, but didn't save it, it was the corner of a piece of paper with some doodles. He said there was a second sheet but the cat puked on it or something. By this time I was getting pretty exasperated with and tired of this person. Can you tell? ;P

Notice how he asks for the character's personal info AFTER I send him the link for the fourth time.
Said link has a full bio, which is part of the reason I didn't respond. The other being that unlike him, I was busy-busy (end of the semester, commissions etc.) and didn't feel like telling him about my hobbies. The link I gave him 4 times had plenty of information he needed for some doodles.
Needless to say I didn't hear from him after.

Sent a note today, asking for an update, he complains he had to wait 5 months for information he already had and apparently couldn't do a single headshot since and he lost the sketches he already had.
Despite the fact that I carefully stored my items and they were fine when I gave them to him, the fur was suddenly "riddled with bugs" and he threw it away; good time to mention he claimed the fur was for his then-girlfriend and he just never gave it to her, even though they were still together for at least a month after receiving the fur.
He claims to have given the plushies to charity which I sincerely doubt. Considering his track record of lying to me, I heavily suspect he's just trying to brush me off and get me to leave him alone because he supposedly doesn't have the items anymore.

And I'm confident that he will never, ever live up to his promise, leaving his post to be forever unresolved.
I would definitely recommend people never give him anything again, money or otherwise.
Sure he seems to do some commissions and trades, but why chance it?
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