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Beware of Spirit Star (Dr. Neko)

WHO: Spirit Star (Dr. Neko)
Ericacrowecaw on deviantart


WHAT: Using my flash files to sell to other customers.

WHEN: About a few days ago...



Avatar was then taken down along with comments.

Later what happened. I went to comment on their listing that they used to accept payments:

The base has been switched out with a new piece here:

Keep in mind before today they were using my artwork. Anyways, compare it to this:

Some of the animations are roughly the same too. I added the flash files if anyone with CS4 or above wants to compare.

I'd like to add one more thing. Look at the state list here:

This is what the state looks like:

And they sent a bunch of people to harass me in comments. Right now I am being taunted, picked on and mocked because of this :/

Here are some other comments:

I share flash bases so people can sell their derivatives in the shop. Sale of derivatives go straight back to me through the function of attribution. Someone used this flash base here:

But they were not selling their edits in the shop. Instead the person was soliciting other members on whirled to sell "custom" edits of my bases, practically selling the service of making them an avatar using my flash files. I went to confront them and they deleted it. I also asked them to delete the custom sale avatar (used so people could pay the person) and instead they edited it at the last minute and made a knockoff copy of my base.

The knockoff is here:

Their base is here:

I do not have CS4 so I can not compare the flash files. Would anyone with CS4 like to compare?

Also I am currently contacting the whirled admins.

This took so long to come up. In the time that I made this post, the artist recanted. They said they put themselves in my shoes and realized they were being mean, apologized to me and asked to be my friend. I accepted the apology, so I would like a resolved tag.
Tags: artist-spirit star/dr neko/ericacrowecaw, resolved
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