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Complete refund??? ADVICE NEEDED!!

FINAL EDIT: RESOLVED. As promised, a picture of the wearer in suit, with no fitting issues. Thank you to everyone who offered legitimate advice! I had received a message from a fursuiter attending FurFright that she is in fact there and in suit, so I emailed the buyer one last time to see if they could verify (They previously had not responded to my other emails). Suddenly an hour later I receive this reply- "The problem was not in the belly, in fact, she has room to spare in the belly.  It was more along the top.  Per your advice she wore it out for an hour or two last night when we got to furfright.  Unfortunately, since we didnt get the suit until 14 hours before we were leaving for furfright, she didnt have time to even consider adding new head feathers and such." Well, apparently they're not happy that I paid the overnight shipping because their last payment was late, but as you can see the suit fits her now, and they plan to keep it. So this also shows I was wrong in assuming it was the weight issue- apparently it was only height (and she's a single inch taller then myself) and after wearing it it fits. By the way, the same duct tape dummy used for this suit was the same I used for my perfectly fitted ram suit you can see in the Fursuits live journal. Again thank you to everyone who helped me with the topic at hand. You really helped out both parties!! Hello everyone! You all remember me from posting asking about shipping a costume prior to payment, and I took your a dive and waited. Thank you so much, because they quickly found a way to pay in time!!

Now I have a problem, and I'm really not sure what to do about this-

They finished paying, and desperately wanted the suit, so I paid OUT OF POCKET to overnight it to them. The following day I don't even get a thank you. This morning, I get this email-

"we have a problem. The measurements you gave were not accurate.  Irime is 5' 8" and she is compressed getting into the suit to the point that the zipper won't stay up.  The shape of the head, while able to go around her 22" head puts her eyeballs halfway between the eyes and beak.   There is no way someone 6 ft. 190lbs could fit in it.  I'm an inch shorter than irime and 181lbs and there's no way I can fit.   No way the head would fit 26 inches.  I tried my 24" head and couldn't put it on.

In essence the suit is pretty much useless.  Irime is in love with the suit but is in tears because it won't fit.

I would like to discuss shipping the suit back to you for refund less your shipping costs, as it is not as described in the auction.

We appreciate all your patience in getting her here.  If we had been able to try her on beforehand we would have been able to avoid the problem.

Thank you for your understanding."

First of all, I posted the exact measurements of my body on the auction. I wish I still had the link to the auction after it closed. So that's impossible It coiled have been due to "improper measurements"

I also have a picture of my 5' 11" brother in it, who weighs 175, and it fits him just fine. (I can supply pictures if needed)

The suit always had the issue with the zipper, the original artist put a really thick, cheap plastic coat zipper on it, and I needed to put a safety pin up top to keep it closed, no problem.

The vision was a standing problem I had with the suit, and it was a public issue, though you can see through it as long as you pull the nose down, so I'm not sure what they're talking about.

I was not previously notified that the buyer was 190lbs, else I would have offered for one of my family members to try it on for them to make sure it'd fit around.

My problem is now- what do I do? I informed them of my measurements, the transaction was completed, and I shipped the item. The money then went to college tuition, and now they want me to refund them 1,200$, which I can not do in any way quickly.

I sent them an email letting them know how to adjust the zipper and the vision, but I'm afraid they're going to try and force a full refund. What should I do?

EDIT: Here is proof a man 5' 11" and 175 can fit in the suit, for those who have asked

Also, I am 5' 7" and 135, as stated to the customer. I was even heavier at the time I commissioned this suit. I also have the picture of the duct tape dummy used by Growly, if anyone wants pictures of that, or myself to confirm my height.

Thank you to everyone who gave an unbiased opinion, you were all very helpful! I will offer to edit the white of her belly for her, and if that doesn't work out, I will just help the customer step by step through auctioning it off again. Cheers!

EDIT!!! I have witnesses and pictures to come, proving she can fit in the suit, and is wearing it at fur fright. So I would like to thank the people who actually took the time to help me think of a proper alternative for them. To everyone else, you'll have your proof soon enough.
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