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Beware RejectedDreams

Who: RejectedDreams
Where: DeviantART, http://rejecteddreams.deviantart.com
What: Traditional Art
When: September 30, 2011 - Oct 2, 2011

Proof: In explanation.

I must strongly caution anyone who receives an art request from RejectedDreams on DeviantART. He comes off all nice at first, but then turns around and belittles your work, changes his story around, and accuses you of scamming him. Here is my ordeal:

I posted a journal stating that I was doing sketch commissions. In the past, it was understood that that meant pencil sketches, not cleaned up line work. Most people realize this when commissioning.

Journal - http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a357/neko_83/proof1.jpg

So I get a lovely note from RejectedDreams requesting a commission. I proceed to find out further info about his request. I also let him know my process, telling him that he may request changes to his image once I submit it to him, before the final image is complete.

Note - http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a357/neko_83/proof2-1.jpg

He thinks that's "cool." And even tells me to include the same type of tusks on his elephant that I had drawn on a previous piece in my gallery. Keep this in mind, because later on he tells me that's not what he wanted at all.


I send him a preview of what I sketched up


Then proceed to tell him that if he would like any changes, he may ask for them now. He is completely fine with the image and tells me to go ahead and clean it up.

Cleaned up image -


I send him the cleaned up sketch as well as an extra drawing for being one of the first 5 ppl to note me for commissions. He is very unhappy with it and begins to ask why its not like some of the other commissions in my gallery, mind you those were digitally inked, line art commissions, not sketches, as I had specified in my journal.

I actually feel bad that he misunderstood the terms of our agreement and would like to rectify the situation, but before I can even reply to his note, he attacks me, claiming that I am scamming him.


When I do respond to him, in a very professional manner, he becomes even more verbally abusive. As for the "ton of details," he was never specific about them at all and never made any suggestions when I showed him the preliminary sketch. I even agreed to revise the drawing, but as you can see, he just blew past that with his ignorant ranting.


I then issued a refund and blocked him. There is no way I am going to do work for someone like that. I tried to be nice...I mean I'm pretty sure I addressed the issue in a very professional way. I have never had such an experience like that before. Please do not take requests or anything else from this person. He is rude, completely unprofessional, and immature.


I advise saving yourself a lot drama by avoiding this one altogether.

10/7/11 Edit: Just wanted to thank everyone who has commented for all their wonderful support and advice. I just recently found out about this community and am very happy that it exists!
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